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How to make 3-Flavoured Rice with AYAM Malaysian Curry Chicken?

When you have that craving for a Malaysian Chicken Curry but don't want to make a curry from scratch and still need to WOW your guests or in-laws! Here, grab AYAM Malaysian Chicken Curry from any store and wow them 3-Flavoured Rice.


Serves – 4 person


* 3 cups rice

* 1/2 tsp MY BLUE TEA - Blue Butterfly Pea Powder

* 1/2 tsp MY BLUE TEA - Pandan Powder (more if you would like it fragrant and an intense colour)

* 1 can - AYAM Coconut Milk 275 ml (Optional)

* 1 stalk lemongrass (chopped)

* 1 cinnamon stick (optional)

* Water

Butterfly Blue Pea Flower | Pandan | Recipes from MY BLUE TEA

3-Flavoured Rice


(1) Cook 3 pots or rice in 3 separate rice cooker or steamer.

(2) 1st pot of rice - 1 cup add required water and cook as normal white rice. Optional to add cinnamon stick for extra fragrant

(3) 2nd pot of rice - 1 cup of rice, 2 cups of AYAM Coconut milk and add Blue Butterfly Pea Powder, chopped lemongrass for fragrance and cook

(4) 3rd pot of rice - 1 cup of rice, 2 cups of AYAM Coconut milk and add Pandan Powder, salt to taste and cook

(5) Once all the rices are cooked - scoop the rice into 3-layers (as per photo) Blue Rice at the bottom, Pandan Coconut Rice and White Rice and ........

CHICKEN CURRY | RICE | Butterfly Blue Pea Flower | Pandan | Recipes from MY BLUE TEA

AYAM Chicken Curry with 3-Flavoured Rice


(instructions can be found on the label)

* 1 can 250 ml AYAM Malaysian Curry sauce

* 500 grams boneless chicken

* 2 medium size potato peel and cut into small size

* 1/2 cup of water

* 1/2 cup of AYAM Coconut Milk 270 ml

* 3 spoon of cooking oil

* Coriander to garnish


* 1 onion chopped

* 6 cloves garlic chopped

* 1/4 inch ginger chopped

* 1 cinnamon stick

* 1 star anise

* 3 cardamon pod

* 3 cloves


(1) In a saucepan, heat oil and add chopped onion, garlic and ginger stir till fragrant

(2) Empty AYAM Curry sauce and water, stir and bring to boil

(3) Add chicken and potato, stir and cover saucepan until it boils

(4) Add star anise, cinnamon stick, cardamon pod and cloves (let it boil for 30 mins)

(5) Add AYAM coconut milk and stir through

(6) Serve with 3-flavoured rice

(7) Garnish with coriander or shallots

## Increase water to 1 cup for thinner sauce

Nasi Lemak | Butterfly Blue Pea Flower | Recipe MY BLUE TEA

Nasi Lemak with a modern twist called "Nasi 3-Rasa" or 3-Flavoured Rice

Nasi Lemak is known to be Malaysia's National Dish! Yum and they have it 24/7

for an authentic Nasi Lemak you will need to add coconut milk with Pandan Powder.

Lemon Myrtle | Butterfly Blue Pea Flower | MY BLUE TEA

Blue Myrtle Tea has lemon myrtle, aniseed myrtle and our Butterfly Pea flower.

Enjoy your 3-Flavoured Rice with AYAM Chicken Curry with a cold glass of Blue Myrtle Tea!

Lemon Myrtle is able to help you in stress & insomnia, sore throat, lots of anti-oxidants and for more please go to the Notes on our FB Page -


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