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Ayam Percik / Roasted Spiced Chicken Recipe

What's in store for Ramadan?

Ayam percik is a traditional Malay speciality that originated from the state of Kelantan. Percik literally translates as ´splash´, but it also means ´splatter´ or ´baste´.

The name could have been derived from the fatty juices sputtering from the chicken as it is being grilled on the open flame, or it could refer to the thickened coconut baste that is splashed on the chicken halfway through roasting. The chicken is traditionally served alongside rice with an optional side dish of fresh vegetables or salads.

Ingredients A:

20g - Chilli powder

70ml - Cooking oil

300ml - Water

Ingredients B:

100g - Lemongrass (blend)

100g - Galangal (blend)

100g - Onion (blend)

Ingredients C:

100ml - Water (shake well)


10g - Sugar

1 pc - Turmeric leaf

1kg - Chicken (marinated with white pepper & salt)


1. Mix Ingredients (A) well. Pour Ingredients (A) and cooking oil into a wok/pan. Cook until mixture begins to boil.

2. Add Ingredients (B). Cook until gravy thickens, and oil rises to the top. Add sugar and turmeric leaves. Stir and set gravy aside.

3. Bake chicken in pre-heated oven. When chicken is almost cooked, pour half of the gravy onto the chicken. Return chicken to the oven and bake until chicken is fully cooked.

4. Heat remaining gravy in a wok/pan and add coconut milk - Ingredients (C). Cook for 5 minutes. Pour gravy onto chicken. Ayam Percik is ready to serve.

Ayam Percik is so good and such an iconic food in Kelantan that KFC Malaysia has launched its own version of Ayam Percik with authentic smoky flavours with "a kick of chilli heat” in conjunction with the Ramadan & Raya celebrations in Malaysia!

We're also excited to share an authentic Ayam Percik recipe with you to celebrate this Ramadan & Eid!

Complete your meal with this beautiful refreshing Ramadan Fruity drink. It has strawberry, lychee and Blue Butterfly Ice cubes and soda water. Garnish with a refreshing sprig of mint and enjoy!

About Imelia

Mel is a cheerful housewife whose daily activities generally revolve around her family. Living with her husband makes household chores simple and quick, and it gives her ample free time to enjoy her leisure activities.

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Unlike other chefs, Mel was not born into a family with a culinary passion. Interestingly, her father is an artist so Mel grew up with her father´s love for painting (which perhaps has unconsciously seeped out in her beautiful recipes). Her mother is a loving housewife who cooked for the family and it was mostly run of the mill family friendly dishes she grew up with. Her mother was not particularly interested in cooking or experimenting with new recipes or flavours.

Mel remembers spending more time cooking with an aunt of hers, but she is not exactly sure where her own love for cooking came from. Perhaps Mel was simply born with her own unique passionate culinary curiosity.

Mel´s artistry is seen not only in her cooking but also in her other hobby - photography. Being behind the lens allows Mel to escape into another dimension and see the world with a different set of eyes. It is how she expresses herself in imagery as seen through the lens of her camera. She learns from other people's posts on Instagram and has since built up quite a lot about photography, cooking and so many other things in the culinary world which she had not known about before.

Mel is now dedicating her time to really growing her talents and developing her hobbies. She wants to continue sharing ideas and learn from people around the world about cuisine and photography.

My Blue Tea loves what Mel has been sharing in the culinary community. Her dishes definitely look good enough to be framed and we can't wait to taste more of her beautiful dishes!


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