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You'll love My Blue Tea

Bake it Blue - Drink Blue Tea!

Introducing our first baker - Amazing Grace......

but wait there's more........*shhhhhh*

There's lots to do to make a change in the world, and there is also lots of hope. Join us, and share this message to Bake it Blue and donate to a worthy cause. Thank you!

Ever since My Blue Tea started, we have always been #givingback to our communities. We donated our farm's produce to the local soup kitchens, and during Covid we shared and donated our products to cafes/restaurants/child care centres (Sydney and Melbourne). Many of you would also remember we helped raise funds for Young Jonah (our special kid and Chef) with Go Fund Me. We have also cooked and donated food to the homeless and refugees in the Mid North Coast NSW.

And just last month we started our partnership with FOFA (Feed One Feed All). If you like our products, on checking out you can donate a minimum of $1.00 to feed someone in need. $1.00 equals 1 meal. Every bit makes a difference.

And guess who has the same mindset as us? Amazing Grace i.e. Grace Lim our brand ambassador, otherwise known as the Noodle Queen, who is also a Mom and an International Tax Accountant! She told us about "Bake it Blue" as she has three healthy kids who are growing up with all things natural i.e. no artificial colours (if avoidable).

Do you know how to identify when food has artificial blue colouring in it? Read our blog to find out.

Bake it Blue

When is it?

We're going to have for sale soon a few types of all-natural "Butterfly Pea - Bake it Blue" with Grace. We'll be selling the cakes and Nyonya kueh-kueh and the money will be donated to the "Bake it Blue" charity. This will take place on 12th August 2023, Saturday at

9/11 Hamilton Pl, Mount Waverley VIC 3149. Come say hi to us if you're in the area!

What's available?

(1) Blue Butterfly natural Indigo Cupcakes and

(2) Kue Pepe (an Indonesian layered cake with 3 colours i.e. Butterfly Pea, Pandan and Dragonfruit).

(3) Pulut Tai Tai by MyBlueTea

But WAIT there's more!!

A few other businesses have stepped up and would like to contribute some "natural blue foods" of Malaysia's heritage! Stay tuned for our next blog!

What is it?

You may be wondering why we're doing Jeans for Genes’ Bake It Blue - well, why not? After all, we're My BLUE Tea (all natural, all blue)!

Our team cares about the 1 in 20 Aussie kids who face a birth defect or genetic disease. That's one in every classroom, maybe someone you know or love. Every day, many of these kids wake up to pills, injections, hospital visits (or worse). They don't get the chance to run around and just be kids. If they can endure that, and keep smiling, then the least we can do is fight alongside them. That's why we're doing Jeans for Genes and raising money for Children's Medical Research Institute. We want to give these kids better treatments and maybe even a cure.

We’ve signed up to Bake It Blue, so we can raise awareness and start the conversation - we need to do all we can to help save more kids’ lives. Can you help by sharing this message with the people you know and asking them to donate too? We (and millions of Aussie kids) thank you for it!

Bake it Blue indeed by Grace! Or go Pandan Green instead and why not add a splash of Dragonfruit Powder and Roselle Pink too? They are all natural plant based flavours and colours. From left: Kue Pepe, Cupcakes with natural colour buttercream and Roselle + Pandan Ice cream and meringue.

How Kalarny's life changed - and how we can help

When Kalarny was born, he couldn’t hold his head up. He couldn’t move. He was fighting just to breathe. He was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), and his parents were told he wouldn’t survive to his first birthday.

Thanks to research he survived, but he needs regular spinal injections and a wheelchair to get around. If he’d been born just a few years later, he could have received gene therapy. Infants treated with just one injection of gene therapy seem to be cured. It’s still in the early days, but signs indicate that they will go on to lead normal, healthy lives. It’s so effective that SMA has been added to newborn screening and the gene therapy treatment is covered by PBS. An incurable disease just a few years ago is now curable. That's nothing short of a miracle. That’s what we want for more kids, and to cure so many of the 6000 genetic diseases out there.

Did you know that "Blue Cocktails" in the bar were created for Ladies?

About Amazing Grace

Photos and recipes for the above recipes have been contributed by our Brand Ambassador and food lover, Grace, who is an International Tax Accountant, tax advisor, enthusiastic educator and the mother of three lovely kids. Do follow @grazia.lim to be a part of her cooking adventures.

We're amazed at how she juggles raising three kids (one is a state swimmer and her two lovely girls love our Pandan and Matcha!), her international tax business, and her education business! And she also serves her church regularly while finding time to enjoy her baking too!

Please note Grace is in Melbourne, so you could either purchase the dessert/cakes/kueh there, or you can also donate to this charity i.e. Bake it Blue with Jeans for Genes for the Children's Medical Research Institute in Sydney.

Drink it Blue too!

Have a normal Blue Tea or make it into a Blue Latte (add coconut milk) and Black Boba pearls and try our new Blue Goddess with goji berries and Oolong tea. Add some edible glitter and stir it - it's gorgeous add some lemon juice to watch it change colour with the glitter.

Drink it Blue too as Butterfly Pea flower tea has a lot of benefits. It is the only natural blue for your food - bake it, cook it or drink it! Learn more about the health benefits here.




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