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“Breakfast of the Gods” is now available (pre-order advised)

Let us reveal the Breakfast of the Gods - Sarawak Laksa

According to Anthony Boudain, Sarawak Laksa is the Breakfast for Gods and we cannot disagree with that!

Sarawak Laksa originated from the city of Kuching the capital city of Sarawak. Kuching is now the newest member of Unesco's Creative Cities Network. This is where our factory and farms are located where we observe sustainable farming and to help improve the economy of our native friends and farmers.

Apart from gastronomy, the six other creative fields under this network are crafts and folk art, design, film, literature, media arts, and music. Hence we started Sarawak Day in Australia but unfortunately Covid wasn't friendly.... Let's try again in 2023!

What’s special about Sarawak Laksa?

Its uniqueness lies in the spice mixes that are not found in laksa dishes from the other states. In addition to the spices, the basic ingredients of Sarawak Laksa are rice vermicelli, chicken, fried tofu, omelet, bean sprouts, black mushrooms, shrimp, boiled eggs and musk.

In 2005, the late chef Anthony Bourdain tasted the Sarawak Laksa during his show – “No Reservations” and that was when the Sarawak Laksa became well known to the world and he termed it “Breakfast of the Gods” and place it on his Top 10 Wish List for his food market in New York.

Though it is known worldwide, the availability of Sarawak Laksa is still very limited to the island of Borneo. Hence, Doku was commissioned to create the authentic Sarawak Laksa you see standing before you, (well a little further then).

After the 18th attempt making, tasting, cooking, trying etc. our Sarawak Laksa we finally nailed it and it’s now available in our stores. Together with our partner and factory, Doku Bio-technology, we launched a small batch at the recent Food Service Australia Show in Sydney in October 2022. It was a success and now we are seeing repeated orders.

We have now launched 2 version of Sarawak Laksa :-

(1) an original with Shrimp Paste ie belachan and

(2) Vegetarian Sarawak Laksa. They’re both YUMMM!!

History of Sarawak Laksa

The origin of Sarawak Laksa dates back to the early 1940s'. According to an article written by Edgar Ong in Flavours magazine, the local legend is that a Chinese Teochew immigrant from Guangzhou named Goh Lik Teck first began peddling his noodle dish along Kuching's Carpenter Street in 1945. The dish was only made up of six (6) ingredients, which is how it got its name – the Hokkien term for six is "lak" and "sa" is slang for vermicelli.

If you’d like to try our Sarawak Laksa by Doku Bio-tech, please pre-order NOW!




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