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Pajeri Nenas Salsa Recipe in English and Malay

Make it a Spicy Christmas

Who doesn't love a bit of salsa? Dance it or dip it, it brings a smile to one's face!

Pajeri Nenas is a popular Malay dish that has Indian roots. Talk about getting the best of both worlds! That's what we love about South East Asian food - it is a melting pot of so many cultures and if you were to run a DNA test on each dish, you'd find it has many different connections and influences across countries, cultures and time.

The name Pajeri Nenas (or Nanas) is derived from the word ´pacri´ (sometimes spelt pachri or paceri), which is usually translated as relish, chutney or salsa. It is perfect for Australia's hot summery weather and a quintessential dish to have at Malay weddings in Singapore and Malaysia.

Pajeri Nenas is commonly identified as a Malay recipe, and it is also made and claimed by the Nyonyas and Eurasians in Singapore and Malaysia. Says a lot about a dish if everyone wants a piece of it, knows and loves it!

Go further out and in Goa, India, you´ll find a close cousin of this dish called Pachedi which can be made with any fruit or vegetable to go with rice and curry. In Indonesia, it is called Pachadi, which is a richer version that contains coconut.

If you discover more distant relatives of this dish on your travels, be sure to let us know!

For today's recipe, we decided to stick to the classic form of this recipe which is with coconut. You can omit coconut and serve it as it is - a refreshing relish to go with other richer foods. This is a vegan dish, but you can add dried shrimp or fish if you want to round out the dish with some umami flavour.

Pajeri Nenas Salsa Recipe in English

p/s You can omit both the white baites and dried shrimp to make this a vegetarian Pineapple Salsa.


Ingredients A

*500g egg plant cut in length

*1 pineapple cut in slices

Ingredients B

*300ml water

*70ml cooking oil

*30g dried prawns blended

Ingredients C

*1 packet Santan Dehydrated Coconut Milk powder diluted in 150 ml water.

*50g roasted desiccated coconut

*15g sugar

*125ml water


*2 green chili thinly shred

*2 red chili thinly shred


1. Heat up oil and lightly fry the egg plant. Set aside.

2. Mix well Ingredients (B) and pour onto the existing cooking oil in the wok and cook until water evaporates and oil rises.

3. Add in dried prawns and Ingredients (C). Continue to simmer for 5 minutes.

4. Add in pre-fried egg plant and pineapple slices with the rest of the ingredients and simmer for 10 minutes.

5. Garnish with red and green chili. Ready to serve.

Pajeri Nenas Salsa Recipe in Malay

Since this is dish claimed by many Malays, Indians and Eurasians, we're giving you the recipe in both languages! Enjoy!


Bahan-bahan A

*500g Terung (potong panjang)

*1 no Nanas (potong nipis)

Bahan-bahan B

*1 Bungkus (1 packet) Meat Curry Base (50g)

*300ml Air

*70ml Minyak masak

*30g Udang kering (kisar)

Bahan-bahan C

*1 Bungkus powder --> cairkan dalam 150ml air

*50g Kerisik

*15g Gula

*125ml Water


*2 nos Cili hijau (potong halus)

*2 nos Cili merah (potong halus)

Kaedah memasak:

1. Panaskan minyak dan goreng terung secara perlahan-perlahan. Ketepikan.

2. Campurkan sebati bahan-bahan (B) dan masukkan ke dalam minyak masak yang sama dan masak sehingga pecah minyak.

3. Masukkan udang kering dan dan bahan-bahan (C). Reneh selama 5 minit.

4. Masukkan terung separa goreng dan hirisan nanas dengan bahan-bahan lain dan reneh selama 10 minit.

5. Hiaskan dengan cili merah dan hijau. Sedia untuk dihidangkan.

How to Serve

Traditionally, Pajeri is served as an accompaniment to Nasi Briyani and Mutton curry i.e. we give you Lamb Roganjosh in replacement and using our Meat Curry Base powder. So so good!

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Now that your beautiful salsa is ready, how do you serve it?

Just like you would any other salsa. Traditionally, it is served with rice and curries. It works just as well to serve it as a condiment on the barbecue table. We rather like it with our satay - it's an exciting alternative to the usual peanut sauce!

And here's a nice little tip to try out - this salsa makes for a great burger ingredient, and it helps to give it a Hawaiian twang! It's a refreshing salsa to try for a different burger or pizza flavour. Why not get creative and have a go? The fun part about our cooking experiments is we get to enjoy it at the end!

Pajeri Nenas Salsa with some satay, anyone?

And if you're thinking of what else to prepare to complement this dish, perhaps these gorgeous beauties would give that extra oomph to your Pajeri Nenas! My Blue Tea loves our refreshing drinks as much as the main dishes!

Christmas drinks choose from Roselle Pomegranate, Rainbow Mocktail, Purple Sweet Potato Latte or Pandan Cooler.


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