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Farm to Plate Partnership with Doku Bio-Technology

Playing a Part

My Blue Tea has been a partner with Doku Bio-technology, which is also our factory for our Blue Tea products.

We are part of a farm-to-consumer business where work with local communities begins at the grassroots level. We have invested in time, built a factory and most of all, invested in people.

This is how we play our part in working towards achieving sustainable agriculture while giving those farmers the opportunity to provide a dignified future for themselves and their families. When the factory was conceived and built, the mission has been to assist our local native single mothers and farmers.

About 1/3 of the herbs and spices used in our newly launched Sarawak Laksa paste are grown locally and some come from our Doku Farms in Kuching and Sibu Sarawak. While we may pay a premium to the farmers in creating the Breakfast of the Gods (Sarawak Laksa) it’s more about giving back, respect and sustainability.

Rarity from Sarawak and available on our website

Borneo Pink Torch Ginger’: This is a rare plant with pink blooms and red to maroon leaves. There are only a handful of Torch Ginger species and our “Borneo Pink Torch Ginger” is grown in the pristine montane rainforest in Sarawak, Borneo. Scientifically, it is known as Etlingera elatior.

We only produce a maximum of 10 kg of dried Borneo Pink Torch Ginger, always being aware of sustainability and responsible farming. All these are handpicked and handgrown. We only use the middle flower petals while the rest of the torch ginger will be used in other processes, keeping in mind sustainability concepts to reduce, reuse and recycle i.e. from waste to food to ensure sustainability and responsible farming with a limited edition series.

The showy pink flowers known as Bunga Kecombrang are used in decorative arrangements and are an important ingredient across Southeast Asia. In Indonesia you can find it in fish curry or in Sambal Kecicang and Sambal Bongkot. Known as Bunga Kantan in Malaysia, it is used in a special Sour Laksa called Assam Laksa, in fish head curries, in salads or in heritage rice cuisines by the Peranakans in Nasi Ulam & Nasi Kerabu.

Bamboo for Bamboo Tea, Butterfly Pea farm and Pandan Leaves and with our native friends and farmers.

What else are available from our MyBlueTea- Doku-Biotechnology factory in Kuching?

Calamansi Juice or Kasturi Lime Juice with or without Assam Boi (sour plum), Pineapple Calamansi Jam, Dayak Ginger crisps (one of our best sellers), Dayak Ginger juice (not in the photo) and Sambal Anchovies, Sambal Kantan and Sambal Limau Kasturi.

And we love our delicious Fish Crackers from the coastal town of Mukah, Sarawak about 600 kms from the Kuching. It´s a project to assist our fishermen friends in Mukah. Calamansi or Kasturi is widely used and planted in Sarawak. All these will only be made available by popular demand. Do get in touch with us to know more!



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