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Breaking records at the FOFA (Feed One Feed All) event!

It's about making a difference, one meal at a time. And everyone can help!

A while ago we shared news about My Blue Tea partnering up with Feed One Feed All (FOFA) to put food on the table of vulnerable Aussies.

Making a difference one meal at a time has broken FOFA's record at last Friday's cook-up, and My Blue Tea is so proud to have been a part of the event!

It was an opportunity to catch up with Lillie Giang, Founder and President of FOFA, and also a familiar face to followers of My Blue Tea. She has shared many of her lovely recipes with us and has been featured on My Blue Tea.

It's a clear case here that too many cooks DO NOT spoil the broth, and if anything, it is what made the event successful. This is what one of the volunteers shared about the event.

"The record has been broken In our last Friday cook-up, the FOFA team whipped up a record breaking of over 870 delicious meals!! This astonishing result would not be possible without the incredible effort and teamwork that each of our volunteers showcased from start to finish, each endured through the challenging task with a big smile and worked collaboratively towards one common goal. So proud of you, well done team!"
"We also had the absolute honour of having Lee from our partner, My Blue Tea join us in the kitchen on Friday. Thank you Lee for lending us a helping hand and working tirelessly with the team to break the record of meals produced in one single session. Your unwavering support means the world to us and we are so grateful for our partnership and friendship."

How to support FOFA

Everyone can make a difference, and every meal counts. If you wish to support FOFA, you can do so in three ways:

(1) Love My Blue Tea's products by shopping with us. At check out, donate a minimum of $2.00. (2) Donate in cash or kind. (3) Be a volunteer at FOFA, Melbourne.

Live, Laugh and Love - lived well, laughed often, and loved much is what you get by involving yourself with FOFA.

See you at the next cook-up!

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