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Cook Chicken Curry and Nasi Lemak with Tupperware Australia

We must thank Mr Tupper for Tupperwares since 1946. It is the quintessential thing to have in every self-respecting household. He developed plastic containers used in households to contain food and keep them airtight. These featured a then-patented "burping seal". Next time when you seal your Tupperware make sure you hear that lovely "burrrrp"!

Today with @tupperware chat with Mui we are giving you the real deal - "Curry-in-a-real-Hurry". Perfect for modern lifestyles where time is always a challenge! (And we still want to be able to prepare and enjoy our delicious meals!)

This Curry-in-a-real-Hurry is perfect with our Spice Pantry Meat Curry base powder. As Mui puts it :- "NO More Pounding to annoy neighbours!! During the cold winter months, it is a great time to have some Chicken Curry. Recently, we cooked some Curry Chicken with pre-packed spices and curry base and Nasi Lemak Premix using Tupperware Microwave Rice Cooker."

You will need from Tupperware Chat with Mui :-

*Chef Series II Dutch Oven 4.9L pot

or *Microwave Pressure Cooker (optional)

*Micro Rice Cooker

*Quick Shake (Ez Shaker)

*Tupperware container series

*or visit Tupperware Chat with Mui's FB Page for other Tupperware varieties - they have some really good offers now for pressure cooker and storage set or follow her for more.

My Blue Tea superfoods produces

Important Notes : Store remaining Butterfly Pea powder and Pandan powder in Tupperware Modular Mates Large Spice containers. Keep away from moisture or fridge as moisture (in any food) may clump the powders and attract mould and bacteria.

Chicken Curry & Nasi Lemak Recipe

Microwave Method:

Ingredients (A) / Bahan Memasak (A): *50g Meat Curry Base powder *2tbsp cooking oil / minyak masak *1kg chicken (cut into pieces) / ayam (dipotong kecil) *3-4 potatoes (cut into pieces) / kentang (dipotong kecil) *100ml water / air

Ingredients (B) / Bahan Memasak (B): *25g Dehydrated Coconut Milk / Serbuk Santan *200ml water / air

Cooked them in our Chef Series II Dutch Oven 4.9L pot. With diced ginger by our Turbo Chef and stalk of lemon grass (both homegrown) and potatoes. - by Mui Lee

Quick & Easy Method by @tupperware chat with Mui: (1) Marinate chicken legs using the curry base powder in our Junior Season Serve overnight. (2) Cook them in our Chef Series II Dutch Oven 4.9L pot and add diced ginger by our Turbo Chef and stalk of lemon grass (both homegrown) and potatoes. (3) With Micro Rice Cooker, cook the rice with coconut milk using a Quick Shake (Ez Shaker on special as part of the Breakfast Set now) to mix up the pre-packed coconut powder and water. (4) Add Pandan powder and garlic. Wait for the smell! You´d love it! (5) Colour half of the cooked rice using Blue Pea powder. It looks great with the curry chicken and some lettuce. All natural, multi-coloured and absolutely delicious!

From top left - Viola : Butterfly Pea Nasi Lemak with Chicken Curry ready to eat!

Marinade your chicken with Meat Curry Base powder + some soy sauce in this beautiful Tupperware and refrigerate for 3 hours or overnight, Microwave Rice cooker, this is how you keep your My Blue Tea Superfood and Super Spices from moisture in airtight containers by Tupperware and lastly Tupperware Pressure Cooker.

Recommended / Disyorkan:

(a) 100ml fresh milk can be added to the cooked curry for less spiciness and more gravy.

100ml susu segar boleh ditambahkan ke dalam kari untuk mengurangkan rasa pedas dan memperbanyakkan kuah.

Stay tuned for more recipes! We have the following recipes for microwave, slow cooking and in the oven :-

(1) Microwave Satay

(2) Microwave Rendang Tok

(3) Microwave Sambal Tumis

(4) Microwave Satay sauce

From left : Longan Butterfly Pea Mojito, Rambutan Strawberry water infused with Butterfly Pea and a simple Flat Tummy Butterfly Pea recipe - all healthy and so beautiful.

And no meal is complete without a beautiful healthy drink! Choose which of these beautiful healthy drink you would like to complement your Nasi Lemak Chicken Curry meal. And there you have it! A simple, quick, healthy and beautiful meal. It is really quite an impressive feat and it looks like you had spent hours in the kitchen cooking up a storm!

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