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My Blue Tea - Never leave home without it

Travelling with My Blue Tea is easy!

As the world opens up, it is clear that people are once again stretching their legs and wanting to either visit family and friends or explore new places. It was not so long ago that empty airports looked like the eerie filmset of a horror movie. Now it is bustling with life again as people look forward to making plans and building connections that have been disrupted over the last two years.

There are so many ways to travel and things to do beyond the conventional take-a-plane-and-fly-somewhere. We have seen how much Australia has to offer and caravanning has become a popular way to explore. What we love about people sharing their travel stories is how they never forget to have a piece of My Blue Tea with them wherever they go! My Blue Tea products are easy to pack into your luggage and convenient to travel with as there is no leakage or breakage. So if you're off in a caravan, a train or a plane, you can easily take a few slim packs of My Blue Tea products with you so you´ll always have a taste of home wherever you go!

Veronica Lind, Business and Marketing Strategist from Vermilion Pinstripes and CEO of Brilliant-Online recently crossed literally oceans and seas from Australia all the way to Luxembourg to visit her newborn granddaughter, Victoria. As it is common practice to want to take along some small gifts for friends and family, Veronica decided My Blue Tea's range of products would be the easiest to take along. As she was flying (a lot!) and through so many different countries before she could land in Luxembourg, she had to make sure that whatever she brought in her luggage would not cause any problems. Liquid pastes are not allowed onboard, so My Blue Tea´s spice blends worked a breeze. She put together a delightful assemble of spice blends, stashed them in her luggage, and My Blue Tea landed happily with her and has been making many tastebuds happy since!

What are some of your travel stories with My Blue Tea? And where have My Blue Tea's delicious teas, superfoods and spices been enjoyed?

Check out these products you can easily take along with you on your travels.

As we are true blue foodies where we go, even when we are on holiday, cooking is never quite far from our minds. Today we´re sharing a recipe for meat curry which you can cook in three different ways - in the microwave, on a slow cooker or in the oven.

Ingredients (A) / Bahan Memasak (A):

2tbsp cooking oil / minyak masak

1kg chicken (cut into pieces) / ayam (dipotong kecil)

3-4 potatoes (cut into pieces) / kentang (dipotong kecil)

100ml water

Ingredients (B) / Bahan Memasak (B):

200ml water / air


For microwave cooking:

  1. Put Ingredients (A) and (B) into microwave container. / Masukkan Bahan (A) dan (B) ke dalam bekas microwave.

  2. Stir well and ensure liquid covers the chicken and potato. / Kacau sebati dan biarkan air menutupi ayam dan kentang.

  3. Cover with lid. / Tutup dengan penutup.

  4. Cook on high temperature for 24 minutes. / Masak pada suhu tinggi selama 24 minit.

  5. Leave cooked curry for 5 minutes before stirring. / Biarkan kari selama 5 minit sebelum dikacau.

  6. Ready to serve. / Sedia untuk dihidangkan.

For slow cooker cooking:

  1. Repeat Step 1 to 3. / Ulang langkah 1-3.

  2. Cook on high for 90 minutes. / Masak pada suhu tinggi selama 90 minit.

For oven cooking:

  1. Repeat Step 1 to 3. Bring to boil on stove. / Ulang langkah 1-3. Masak sehingga mendidih.

  2. Transfer to oven at 180degC for 2 hours. / Masukkan ke dalam oven pada suhu 180degC selama 2 jam.

Recommended / Disyorkan:

100ml fresh milk can be added to the cooked curry for less spiciness and more gravy. /

100ml susu segar boleh ditambahkan ke dalam kari untuk mengurangkan rasa pedas dan memperbanyakkan kuah.

What is your favourite method of cooking this dish?

Remember...whether you're at home or travelling, My Blue Tea can tag along easily, so you´ll always have all the teas, superfoods and spices you need to whip up a delicious meal wherever you are!


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