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Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Let's Go Bananas! A Modern Twist on a Traditional Snack

Some days we just feel we are not in the mood to bring out the entire arsenal of cooking utensils to whip up a meal.

Or it could be one of those days where you have a packed schedule and finding time for anything is a challenge. But you still need to eat something.

Perhaps you are not hungry enough to cook up a proper meal but your mouth is itching to nibble on something.

It would be great to have that quick snack to give us the energy to keep going for a while! Imagine reaching into your cupboard for that yummy bag of traditional chips that make your mouth water ... except, give it a modern twist and imagine it morphing into a plant-based, natural, healthy, guilt-free snack!

Too much of a good thing? No! And that´s why at My Blue Tea we are going bananas over this snack!

Great Taste, Guilt-Free Snacking

¨Great Taste, Guilt-Free Snacking¨ is what "My Blue Tea Going Bananas" is about. We created this product to satisfy the modern palate and health needs. People are mindful of what they put into their bodies. Snacks in our modern age are no longer associated with something unhealthy and full of processed chemicals. Instead, snacks can be healthy, plant-based, all-natural and still bursting with taste!

"My Blue Tea Going Bananas" products are made from real herbs and spices. They buy whole garlic pieces, chilli pods, cinnamon sticks, pepper corn and process them in their unique formulation. What you get is a 100% naturally flavourful snack that is free from preservatives and other additives. It is also gluten free and has zero transfat.

Just One More

With these yummy banana chips, "just one more" is never enough. Knowing these are healthy snacks means you can have that "one more" chip, guilt free.

Bananas are a source of dietary fibre and energy, so they make great snacks for anyone on the go. Bananas provide a source energy of 224 Kcal/serving and dietary fibre of 5g/100g.

Did you also know that bananas are actually super-fruits that contain essential nutrients we need to function daily? Each banana is power packed with Vitamin B6, manganese, Vitamin C, potassium, copper and magnesium.

This is one fruit you would want to have daily in your fruit bowl!

Respecting Nature and Community

As if all that is not enough, "My Blue Tea Going Bananas" ensures that our bananas are sourced directly from farmers in the central region of Java, Indonesia. They buy from a community-based agriculture. This is a way to support the local rice farmers and villagers.

Fresh bananas are sourced daily, and there is no use of pesticides or mass farming. So we are talking about 100% true blue genuine the Real McCoy bananas. These are bananas that have a solid flavour and that does not get lost on the taste buds when you bite on one of Everything Banana´s banana chips.

My Blue Tea is an advocate of sustainable farming practices, thus bringing Going Bananas to you is in line with our sustainability superfoods goals.

There are 5 types of banana chips available from My Blue Tea Going Bananas range.

  1. Roasted Garlic is the Number #1 selling flavour. With its crisp, light texture, it is excitingly savoury with just that right hint of sweetness.

  2. Sugar Cinnamon is perfect on a cold day with a cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate. Tip: Toast the chips to really bring out that deep, rich taste of cinnamon.

  3. Seaweed is highly popular with children and youngsters. It is savoury with a tang of nori. Tip: Add this to rice to give it a bit of mouth-watering crunch.

  4. Chilli Garlic is for those who like a bit of spice in their lives. The spiciness gives the chips a bit of kick.

  5. Black Pepper is for those who like to take it slow and intense. The taste of the pepper emerges slowly with each bite.

It is tough choosing which chips to try, isn't it?

To make it easier for you, My Blue Tea has come up with two types of special Bundle Buys. We have helped you narrow it down to just two choices so you don´t go bananas trying to choose!

  1. Bundle Buy A - Choose any 3 Types of Banana Chips

  2. Bundle Buy B - Choose any 5 Types of Banana Chips

They're so good, buy all 5 flavours before they disappear!

And what better way to enjoy healthy banana chips than to complement it with a cup of soothing Blue Tea? Take your pick here and get ready to sit back and nibble and sip your way through a peckish moment in the day!

So ... are you going bananas yet?


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