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Pandan Vegan Kuih Lopis for Ramadan

Updated: 4 days ago

An Indonesian inspired Vegan Pandan Steam cake with Glutinous rice or known as "Kue"

Glutinous rice is wrapped in banana leaves and then pressure cooked or boiled to give you soft Kue Lupis or Kuih Lopis coated with grated coconut and melted palm sugar. Absolutely delicious. Perfect starter to "Buka Puasa" this Ramadan.

Lupis (sometimes lopis) is an Indonesian traditional sweet cake made of glutinous rice, banana leaves, coconut, and brown sugar sauce. Lupis is one of many glutinous rice desserts from Indonesia. Most Kue or Kuih are "vegan" as coconut milk and rice or tapioca flour are the main ingredients.

An Indonesian Vegan Pandan Kuih Lopis o Steam cake with Glutinous rice or known as "Kue" usually eaten with thick palm sugar syrup and with shredded coconut toppings. Often eaten at breakfast or as a side dish during the evening, lupis is often sold at traditional marketplaces throughout Indonesia and is a popular food found nationwide, but especially in middle and eastern Java as well as West Sumatra. Lupis is one of the top desserts that tourists who visit Purwokerto in Java seek.

Pandan Kueh Lopis with coconut and palm sugar is very yummy | My Blue Tea recipe
Pandan Kuih Lopis traditional Indonesia / Kue Lupis

The challenge with Kue Lopis is in the wrapping ie to perfect triangle and boiled it to perfection. Almost similar to Chinese Rice dumpling during the Dragon boat festival.


*1Kg Beras Ketas

*1 botox Air abu

*Kelapa Parut

*Gula Meran (Gula Melaka)

Cara Memasak:

(1) Beras dicuci bersih. Direndam dengan 1/2 botox air abu selama 2 jam. Thereafter, wash the rice clean.

(2) Masukkan bubuk daun Pandan dalam nasi dan dibungkus dengan daun pisang. Jangan terlalu padat. Lalu direbus diar selama 1.5 jam - 2 jam hingga matang.

(3) Dibuka pulutnya dikasih kelapa parut yang surah dikukus 15 menit supaya lebih tahan.

(4) Dan tambahkan gula merah yang Sudan dicairkan sebagai topingnya.

Rempah Kutjap wishes you "Selamat menikmati lapis jajan tradisional Indonesia."

Kuih Lopis is usually eaten with grated coconut and melted palm sugar almost similar to Pandan Ondeh Ondeh or known as Klepon in Indonesia.

Vegan Pandan Kuih Lopis, a traditional Indonesian dessert


*1Kg Glutinuos Rice

*1 bottle lye water (alkaline solution)

*1 cup fresh shredded coconut

*Palm sugar

Optional - 1 tspn Pandan Liquid for a natural green colour


(1) Wash glutinous rice and let it soak in lye water for 2 hours. Thereafter wash the rice

(2) Add Pandan Powder into the rice and tan wrap with banana leaves in triangle. Let it boil in water for 1.5 to 2 hours till cook.

(3) Remove banana leaves. Sprinkle with steamed shredded coconut for 15 mins so it lasts longer.

(4) Add palm sugar as topping. Enjoy this traditional Indonesian kue.

Enjoy Kuih Lopis with any of our Blue Tea blends or Jasmine Green tea, it's very fragrant.

What other Vegan Kue Pandan has Sri been busy whipping up?

All these beautiful Vegan Kue - an array of Pandan beauties. Sri indeed is a true Pandan lover...... it is always a pleasure to work with Sri.

Pandan Kueh Lapis (left and right photos) beautiful moulds and Pandan Angkoo with mung beans. We will try to get these recipes from Sri and to share on our website. Or you can now have an easy version of Pandan Pudding Lapis with our Pudding Eaze.

Easy Pandan Kueh Lapis | My Blue Tea recipe
Pudding Pandan Lapis

Pudding Eaze for Ramadan

If you are new to our blogs here is our latest product, Pudding Eaze, a coconut inspired dessert

Whip up an impressive variety of comforting desserts with minimum fuss for that elegant dinner party, family meal or just to treat yourself! Choose from super simple sponge puddings to brownies, tarts and more!


*Gluten free

*Ready in <10 mins

*Just add hot water

*Add flavours and toppings (as desired)

Shop Ramadan & Easter Specials -Pudding & Coconut Shake - perfect to breakfast with a drinks and something sweet.

Spice blends by Rempah Kutjap | My Blue Tea Recipe
Rempah Kutjap Medan, Indonesia

Sri @rempahkutjapayam has a business supplying Rempah-rempah / beautiful spices for your daily cooking and baking needs. Head on to her Page and order some @rempahkutjayam in Medan Indonesia. Lots of cooking ideas and beautiful food. beautiful herbs we have tried in a number of dishes. Contact her directly for if you prefer some Indonesian spices on her Instagram - rempahkutjapayam



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