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Pudding Eaze (instant pudding base)

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Who loves pudding or jelly but does not have time to make it?

Well, your prayers have just been answered, for this Christmas and Lunar New Year not to mention the very, very hot El Niño period (which is likely to be so for the next year or two).

Meet our latest addition to My Blue Tea's family of treats - Pudding Eaze, a 3-step pudding that is a coconut-inspired dessert with NO cooking involved!

  • - Gluten-Free

  • - Prepare in less than 10 mins

  • - Add hot water

  • - Add flavours + toppings (optional)

Whip up an impressive variety of comforting desserts with minimum fuss for that elegant dinner party, family meal or just to treat yourself! Choose from super simple sponge puddings to brownies, tarts and more!

Who loves pudding? The proof of the pudding is in the eating
Pudding Eaze - an easy Coconut-inspired dessert

What is a pudding?

Puddings are typically served as a dessert or it can also be a savoury (salty or spicy) dish served as part of the main meal. In the United Kingdom, puddings are synonymous with desserts. They can be boiled puddings, steamed puddings, baked puddings, bread puddings, batter puddings, milk puddings or even jellies.

In certain Commonwealth countries, these desserts are referred to as custards (or curds) when thickened with eggs, blancmange when thickened with starch, and jelly when made with gelatin. The term "pudding" can also encompass other dishes like bread pudding and rice pudding, which typically have British origins.

My Blue Tea's Coconut Family

BUT today we will only concentrate on My Blue Tea's instant easy COCONUT-based pudding from our Coconut division.

You will now find several coconut-based products on our online store or selected retailers:-

(1) Dehydrated Coconut milk powder - great for camping, and caravanning and you don't need to tip out when there's excess. Just put it in an airtight container.

(2) Nasi Lemak Premix - fragrant coconut rice.

(3) Coconut Shake - an ice-blended smoothie, frappe or finely shaved ice.

(4) Pudding Eaze - coconut-based

(5) Coconut Water powder

Pudding Eaze is really easy!

Be the Master of your own Pudding or call it Pannacotta, depending on how you plate, create and execute it. Time to get deliciously artistic!

Pudding Eaze is so easy, even kids can make puddings in just three steps! Okay, four steps if you add extra flavours or fruits and toppings, especially black Boba.........

Step 1 - Add

Add ingredients into measured hot water (>90C)

Step 2 - Whisk

Add Pudding Eaze and whisk well.

Step 3 - Refrigerate

Pour into mould and cool before refrigerating.

Ready to be served.

Pandan Pudding is so good  - easy pudding | My Blue Tea
Pudding Pandan Talam - a 3-step pudding

Pudding Eaze ideas with Kueh-Kueh

*Pudding Talam Pandan instant

*Coconut Red Bean Pudding instant

*Pudding Talam Pumpkin Coconut

*Pudding Talam Pandan Red bean (layered)

*Pudding Kosui Palm Sugar with grated coconut in teacups

You can now "pudding" your favourite kueh! Say goodbye to time-laboured steaming!

Or wow your friends this Christmas and Lunar New Year with instant Pannacotta with the option to choose flavours and colours from our store. Add toppings such as black and white boba (children love these!) or red bean, coconut jelly and the newest yummy Toasted Hawaiian Coconut Chips.

Or create your own with Sesame Seed Pudding, Chocolate Pudding Pie with Banana, Coconut Pudding with Caramel Sauce or drizzle with Palm Sugar or even Creme Brûlée pudding. The choices are endless!

If this is making your taste buds dance then stay tuned! We will be pumping out more recipes and get ready for our next blog which is going to showcase TWO recipes!

In the meantime, enjoy some Blue Tea, Jasmine Green Tea and Roselle Red Tea or Purple Tea by adding lemons or white wine to your Blue Tea. Drink all colours of the rainbow! Stay well hydrated these hot summer months!


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