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Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Where would you like to find My Blue Tea? We may be nearer than you think!

My Blue Tea is always connected to our customers, wherever they are. We have been listening to everyone's ideas and requests ... and we hear you! You want My Blue Tea to be in one of your friendly neighbourhood stores and we are working very hard behind the scenes to get our beautiful products to where you are.

Our customers have been incredibly supportive of our products and in what we do, and it is a real boost to us when people ask about where they can get our products and how they can find us in their local areas.

We'd still love to hear from everyone, so if you have questions and suggestions about our locations, please send a Facebook message or through our contact page or call us on +61478413573.

Where is My Blue Tea?

We want our customers to be able to find us wherever we are, and we have compiled a useful list of where you can get a piece of My Blue Tea. In shops, outside of Australia or at events, you can be sure we are getting our products to as many areas as possible so you always have a reliable and consistent supply of healthy superfoods for your culinary adventures. And here are our newest additions to My BlueTea's family.......

1) Perth WA

We’re finally in Perth at Willetton Oriental Groceries. William was looking for a specific curry paste and we convinced him that our Meat Curry Base Powder will do the same, and maybe better! We gave him a little tip to make Malaysian Chinese style chicken curry which is to marinate the chicken with our Meat Curry Base Powder with soy sauce overnight in the fridge. You then cook the curry as normal. Our Super Spice blends are healthier, and they are 100% natural powders, which means they do not come with the oil and water that are usually present in other types of paste.

2) Brisbane QLD

You can find us in a tiny shop there where Dewi, our Indonesian entrepreneur, has been willing to stock our products and give it a go. She is excited about this and would welcome a little support and encouragement, so do swing by Happy Online Groceries. They are also online and you can find them at Shop 3/172 Clarence Road, Indooroopilly Brisbane QLD – Tel: (07) 387 7151.

If you have a craving for Pandan Powder and Butterfly Pea Tea in Brisbane, you need look no further than Little Nyonya - Malaysian Kitchen in Ferny Grove. This is run by Annie Kerk, our Kueh Maker!

Tip: While you're at Little Nyonya, do have some Banana Leaf rice as one reviewer said it is the best he has had outside Malaysia!

3) Coffs Harbour NSW

Coffs newest and largest Asian grocery is located Park Beach Road, (outside of Northside Shopping Centre). Meet Michael he's lived here for over 10 years. Contact no - (02) 5612 9626. Products available from 6/3/2022.

4) Tasmania

We are very happy to have discovered Robin from Tassy! He is willing to stock our products so if you're in Tassy or if you have friends/relatives over there, please let them know and to visit Hongyi Asian Grocery, 17 Pearl Street, Derwent Park, Tasmania. Contact : 0404 353 520. Now there's no excuse not to cook up a storm at home since you can get your hands on your favourite ingredients!

Gratitude for our Community of Retailers

We’re very grateful to all our current retailers below who have gone thick and thin with us. They have been so supportive and understanding through the pandemic, and we really appreciate the ease of collaboration with them and sorting out all the logistics and administration. It has been very uplifting and heartening to even simply have this contact with all the different retailers and stores across Australia, to share in each other's experiences, struggles and a shared passion in what we do. It feels like we have an extensive My Blue Tea community stretching across the country connecting us with retailers and customers all over.

And of course, in true My Blue Tea style, every single conversation includes our love for food, cooking, cultural cuisine, beautiful ingredients and healthy eating!

5) Regional NSW

You can also find us at Mahalya Organics in Armidale NSW and also in Natural CnC, Warialga and there they stock our whole range of Blue Teas.

Gourmand Ingredients Port Macquarie stocks Blue Tea and selected spice blends. Beautiful couple with the largest Asian ingredients in Port Macquarie.

6) Melbourne

You can find us at a number of places in this city.

Lion City Asian Grocery the Lion from Singapore is in Mt Waverley and have been with us since we started. Thank you Roger.

Grand Laguna Hawthorn - They are in Hawthorn, Point Cook and they will have a new store in North Melbourne soon.

Peepo Online – This is run by a beautiful husband and wife team, Janice & Sern. Have a chat with them while you´re shopping for your favourite My Blue Tea products!

Asian Pantry Springvale - This shop was born from the 2nd generation of Num Lee Long and due to the changing consumer buying patterns and Covid, they have adapted by having an online presence. Our friends in Springvale Melbourne will be delighted about this!

Our most popular Super Spice Powder is this Satay Marinade. Almost 80,000 sticks of satay were sold within 3 months. Photos show Satay Burger on the left and of course, traditional Satay served with Satay Peanut Sauce.

7) Sydney

The latest addition to our retail family in Sydney is Seahorse Brothers in Campsie on Loch Street.

Nowadays, Malaysian groceries are really popular and in demand, so there are a few specialised stores and we have selected products available in these stores. Please contact them to find out which of My Blue Tea´s products are available in their stores.

Ole Ole Kita in Guildford - they have nice little packets of Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kerabu and various Malaysian snacks in store.

Malaysian Groceries in Punchbowl carries a lot of Malaysian stuffs.

Panda Asia in Kogarah – This shop simply loves our Pandan Powder, Butterfly Pea Tea and Butterfly Pea flower! They will serve our Indonesian community in the eastern regions.

Nyonyalicious in Lower North Shore. The owner carries all you need to whip up authentic Penang Cuisine, and being a Peranakan herself, she knows the real stuff!

Just Go Shop – Sydney online grocer who has a good range of products.

Am-mart St Ives - Our friends in the North Shore! This is one of the favourite stores and you'll meet some really lovely people there like Dian and Welkie.

8) Adelaide

Savour of Asia - our friend from Kuching, Sarawak where our factory is located. Young was one of the first who came up with Asian online grocery.

Parafield Plaza Supermarket - conveniently located in Parafield Plaza Salisbury Highway.

Ok Supermarket - located in Tranmere SA, and it has a shopfront for you to visit.

9) Canberra

Asian Provisions - They carry our full range of products and they have been great for all our customers and friends in Canberra. Did you know they are the oldest Asian grocery there since 1977?


My Blue Tea is sold at FoodWorks around Australia

We have now gone “LIVE” with Foodworks for QLD, VIC and NSW! They have an extensive network and are in every state and in regional towns. If you can’t find our products in your area because of a lack of Asian groceries, you can try looking for a Foodworks Store. Let us know and we can contact them directly so you can enjoy our products where you are.

And now we step out of Australia to other countries. Yes, My Blue Tea is working hard to allow our international customers to also shop for our products where they are. We have been very busy indeed!

London, UK

For our friends in the UK, you are able to get selected products from My Blue Tea-UK – Contact Silviya about our Pandan Powder, Butterfly Pea Powder and selected Super spice blends.

Do follow My Blue Tea-UK on FB Page and Instagram for updates and offers.

New Zealand

For our friends in New Zealand, you can get Pandan Powder & Butterfly Pea Powder from Mei in Hamilton. At the moment, we are discussing sending over Super Spice Powders as well as looking for a Christchurch representative.

Specialised items like Borneo Torch Ginger, Bamboo Tea, Dayak Ginger Crisps and Borneo Native Bird’s Eye Chilli are available on our online store or on request.

*If you would like certain specialised items including Latte Powders to be shipped to the UK or NZ please contact us and we shall arrange with both local associates for you.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Chef Celina, the zero-waste chef, stocks Pandan Powder, Butterfly Pea Powder and selected Super Spice powders in Kuala Lumpur. And if you're lucky, you can even get her to cater for you all her yummy food! This is a pretty sweet deal!


For other stores, browse through this column “BUY DIRECT” .

Borneo Torch Ginger, Kaffir Lime Leaf Powder, Dayak Ginger Crisps and Borneo Native Bird's Eye Chilli

My Blue Tea @ Health Food Stores

Did you know that you can also find our Butterfly Pea Flowers and Blue Tea at some health food stores in Australia?

Organic Rosehip Skincare – Tweed Heads, NSW. Nancy is an absolute gem here!

My Health Food Shop – Castle Hill, Sydney. Zabin is the one to speak to here.

Go Vita - Blacktown, Sydney. Shilpi is in charge.

Organic Mattrs in Port Macquarie. Lovely team in the shop.

You can even find us at the beer making shop in Penrith called Country Brewer. We bought a few hops to brew while we were there delivering Blue Tea. It's a nice little country town just like Wauchope!


We love taking part in festivals and events at My Blue Tea. You get to meet so many different businesses, chefs, foodies, people who are passionate about health food and this is where we sometimes meet our future partners and collaborators too! You can find us at the following festivals below. These festivals are also a chance to travel and get to know our clients locally.

March 13, 2022 - Central Coast Chilli Festival at The Entrance

March 20, 2022 - Know your Producer Event, Port Macquarie

Cassegrain Vineyard

March 27, 2022 - Newcastle Chilli Festival, The Station

April 17, 2022 - Easter Sunday at Pacific Palms, Forster

April 18, 2022 - Easter Monday at Harrington

May 27-29, 2022 - Cake Bake & Sweet Show Sydney Showground

June 12-13, 2022 - Smokehouse, Hunter Valley (the long holidays in June)

02 July 2022 - Sawtell Chilli Festival, Coffs Harbour

22 July 2022 - Bingara Orange Festival (TBA)

23 July 2022 - Wine, Cheese & Chocolate Festival, Hunter Valley (TBA)

August 2022 - Aroma Coffee & Chocolate – Hunter Valley (TBA)

24 Sept 2022 - Woolgoolga Curry Fest (TBA)

Oct-Dec 2022 - Upcoming events TBA

More festivals and fiesta to be added – please check with us or log onto My Blue Tea's FB Page for events and Instagram for updates and stories.

My Blue Tea is looking for assistance at these festivals and events. We would need one or two assistants to be with us during the festival and events in all the locations. Please get in touch with us if you are interested, we'd love to have you on board at these events. We've always had a good time there and it's great to return every year!

If you live within these local areas of the festivals and are keen to be involved, contact us and we'll be in touch. Of course, our assistants, other than the guarantee of having a deliciously good time, will also be compensated with our beautiful products e.g. durian (one of our favourite things to share!!), pandan, butterfly pea tea... Get in touch!

See you soon at the one of the events above and to finish off, we have a new Blue Tea recipe for you today! A video of how to combine Roselle/Dragonfruit & Butterfly Pea to make the most interesting beverages to delight your family and friends, as well as a recipe for durian dalgona!

Roselle + Butterfly Pea = a gorgeously beautiful drink!

Take note of this event - at the Cake Bake Sweet Show in May 27-29, 2022 at Sydney Showground, you will have a chance to taste Durian Latte! Mmm...!

Durian Dalgona recipe

Our Durian Dalgona recipe and video have been added as a BONUS for Durian Lovers and clients who have already purchased our Durian Latte Powder. We're of course looking for cafés or restaurants (especially in Perth) as there were requests from clients for our yummilicious "Durian Latte".

Recipe for Durian Dalgona

• 2 tbsps of whip cream/chocolate/coffee

• 1/2 tsp condensed milk (optional)

• 1 cup of milk

• Ice cubes


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