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Pandanlicious Christmas Pudding in 10 mins

Have a last minute Christmas gathering and would like to whip out an amazing dessert for your friends and family? Look NO further we've got your covered with this easy peasy yummy pudding base - a coconut inspired dessert ie Pudding Eaze.

Pandan Christmas Pudding Recipe

(makes about 12 pcs)

Ingredients for Cooking Pudding

*150 ml Hot water (-90 C)

*10-12 Pastry tart shells (store bought)

Serving Instructions

1. Add Coconut Pudding Base to hot water and stir evenly.

2. Add Pandan Powder and whisk a bit more until it mixes well.

3. Pour the pudding mix into the pastry tart shells while still hot/warm.

4. Let it cool, then chill in the refrigerator and viola serve.


(1) Adjust water to your requirement as some may like it softer ie the instructions call for 345 ml hot water but Candy only use about 150ml to have a firmer pudding or tart.

(2) Candy said it took about 2 hours in the fridge for it to set. Whereas the Pumpkin Pudding by Vyen took about 15 mins to set quickly - about 345ml water was used.

(3) You may use Pandan Liquid extract for this recipe.

Vegan Series by Candy

Here are some vegan creations by Candy. From left: Roselle bites, Pandan Smoothie, Dragonfruit Chocolate bowl, Rainbow Donuts with Pandan, Dragonfruit + Blue Butterfly and Pandan Chocolate bites and we think these are all perfect as Christmas bites.

Good to know

Pandan cake with tofu frosting - did you know you can use Tofu to make your cake frosting? Try these natural flavours for a more exciting frosting.

About Candy

Candy @nourishandflourishsyd loving blue noodles made with My Blue Tea products

Here's Candy delighting in her exquisite Blue Noodles! Our affection for her knows no bounds.

Known for her candid nature and love for food, Candy graciously joined us at the Cake Bake & Sweets Show in Sydney in May 2022. She even shared her Tofu Cake recipe with us.

For more culinary adventures, check out Candy's Instagram: @nourishandflourishsyd, and TikTok.


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