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Recipe for Valentines - Black Pink Roll Cake with Dragonfruit Coconut Cream Fresh

Black Pink! Black Pink!

Black Venom Valentine drink with Dragonfruit & Black Pink Oreos .....

Black Pink South Korean Girl Group is coming to Australia. This hot announcement inspired us to collaborate with Chef Catherine Teo to create this beautiful, yummy Black Pink Roll Sponge Cake with Black Pink Oreos.

Check out the Black Pink tour in SEA in Sydney & Melbourne in June 2023.

K-pop girl group BlackPink became a global phenomenon following their mainstream breakthrough in the late 2010s. With their brand of hip-hop and trap-influenced dance-pop, they scored a string of Korean and U.S. chart-topping singles, expanding their international audience with hits such as "Whistle," "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du," and "How You Like That."

We were also trying out My Blue Tea Mills Dehydrated Coconut Milk powder for bakers and (of course, cafes & gelato shops) using it on fresh cream and as cream or garnish. It worked so well and it looks good and taste delicious.

(Pssst! Secret if you use our Coconut Milk Powder you will definitely save in storage and transportation fees ie 1Kg Coconut Milk Powder equals to 6 litres of Coconut Milk - why transport water/liquid?)

Black Pink Dragonfruit Roll Sponge Cake


*3 Egg yolk

*3 Egg white

*45g Plain flour

*5g Charcoal powder

*15g Black sesame paste

*33ml Oil

*43ml Water

*45g Sugar

*Pinch of salt and corn flour


(1) Preheat oven 160 degree (Fan force heating)

(2) Line baking tray with baking paper

(3) Mix egg yolk and a spoon of sugar, sesame paste and charcoal powder, oil and water. Mix till emulsion.

(4) Lastly add in sieved cake flour and mix till there's no flour seen visibly.

(5) Beat egg white till frothy at high speed. Add half of sugar and beat at medium speed till sugar dissolves. Add the remaining sugar n beat till SOFT peak (about 1.5 inches long) a medium hook should form after lifting the mixer.

(6) Use low speed to beat about 2 rounds (to ensure all air bubbles are well beaten)

(7) Take 1/3 of meringue to mix with yolk batter. After that, add in all the yolk batter into the rest of meringue and fold gently but in quick motions to ensure both are well incorporated.

(8) Pour the batter from the height of approximate 20 cm into baking tray.

(9) Use spatula to level the surface.

(10) Tap the tray on bench top lightly before putting mix into the oven.

(11) Put in the centre rack n bake for between 20 to 23 min .

(12) Remove from oven and use knife to slick the 4 size of the cake before resting on the rack.

(13) Once the cake has cooled down to room temperature (but not cold when touch)

(14) Remove the baking paper and transfer to a clean, longer baking paper. (The bottom side of the cake will be at the bottom)

(15) Spread with Dragonfruit and Coconut milk powder fresh cream. (16) Apply a thicker layer (Dome shaped) on the cake (the side nearest to you) and start to roll the cake. Chill for at least 30 min to allow the roll cake to set.

Dragonfruit Coconut Milk fresh cream recipe is below:-

Dragonfruit Coconut Milk Fresh Fream recipe:-


*300ml - Bulla thickened cream

*30g - Icing sugar


Mix all ingredients together n beat till stiff peak.

We were lucky to get Black Pink Oreo from @oreoindonesia send all the WAY to Sydney to create this beautiful Black Venom Drink for you. Black Pink Oreo is NOW available in Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea. Nothing for Australia yet.... @oreoaustralia!! When??

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Inspired by Black Pink, this recipe is created by Cat's bakery creations with and for MyBlueTea. Do follow Chef Catherine Teo via Instagram @catherineteo70

Read all about Chef on our website From Nurse to Pastry Chef.

So blessed to have Chef Catherine on board.

And all the beautiful creations by Catherine Teo, great talent!

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Feb 18, 2023

Many thanks Chef Catherine... very much appreciated

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