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That Rendang Lady takes on Jackfruit

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

MasterChef ...... hits the Jackpot with Jackfruit Latte Powder

Sour Plum and Jackfruit Latte Layer Cake

Our friend, Zaleha Kadir Olpin is most well-known for being a contestant in MasterChef UK Season 14, where her traditional chicken rendang was criticised by judges for not being crispy, causing her to be eliminated from the competition. Since then, Zaleha has gained tremendous support from foodies all over the world. And have gone on to publish her cookbook and various sauces that are always sold out.

So we are over moon that we are so lucky to have Zaleha who wants to have fun with Jackfruit Latte Powder not to mention craving for some Cempedak - to create something sensational. Here you go - Sour Plum and Jackfruit Latte Layer cake. Read all about Jackfruit (Cempadak) here.

"Experimenting making Layer Cake using Jackfruit Latte from Australia. Besides making a delicious creamy fragrant latte, this Jackfruit powder has proven to be versatile and today my girls and I made a delicious layer cake. Originally a sour plum cake recipe, I try to infuse the Jack Fruit flavour in the yellow batter and took out the pandan flavour from the green batter mix so there will not be too many mixed up flavour. I must say the subtleness of the jack fruit works well with the tangy sour plum pieces and to get a double thumbs up from Mr Olpin and girls, I thought I must share this with Alexx. Here you go Alexx, your jackfruit latte is a favourite in this household be it a latte or in a cake.

Kek Lapis Asam Haw Flakes dengan Cempedak. Memula nak try resipi ni rasa macam tak kena je cempedak dengan asam haw flakes tapi di sebabkan malas nak buat dua biji kek kita cuba je la. Memang sedap sangat. Kita pakai serbuk latte Cempedak dari dan rasa latte macam original cempedak. Sedap sangat!"

Jackfruit Cake | Rendang Lady | Blue Tea
Sour Plum and Jack Fruit Latte Layer Cake


* 7 large eggs

* 250 grams butter, softened

* Half cup of sugar

* I whole can of condensed milk (397 grams)

* 200 grams Marie biscuit or in the UK we call it Rich Tea biscuits

* 200 grams of Jacobs Cream Crackers

* ½ tsp baking soda

* Pinch of salt

* Sour plum pieces (haw flakes)

* Yellow and green food colouring (optional)

* Melted butter to brush on the cake layers

Some other bakes by Zaleha with Butterfly Pea Powder.


(1) Place both the biscuits in a food processor and blend into a fine powder

(2) Beat eggs till light.

(3) In another bowl beat butter and sugar till pale.

(4) Mix in the beaten eggs and gently beat to mix.

(5) Add in the condensed milk and baking soda and beat again till everything is incorporated.

(6) Sift the biscuit powder. Gently fold them into the mixture.

(7) Divide the mixture equally into two bowls.

(8) Add in the Jackfruit Latte Powder into one of the bowls and stir to mix. Put a little bit of yellow colouring if you prefer. (optional)

(9) Add in a drop of the green colouring (optional) into the other mixture and gently fold to mix.

(10) Boil enough water in a steamer. I used a 9-inch round tin that fits into my steamer. If you have a smaller steamer you might want to steam the cake in two batches.

(11) Grease your baking tin and line it with baking paper. Spoon in few tbsp of the green batter into your baking tin, spread them evenly into a thin layer, arrange the sour plums pieces and steam it for 4 minutes.

(12) Transfer onto wire rack and let cool for 10 minutes before inverting them on the rack.

(13) Remove the baking paper and let cool before cutting them. Enjoy.

Who is That Rendang Lady?

Zaleha grew up in Malaysia and was taught to cook traditional Malaysian dishes by her mother from an early age. She has lived abroad for over 20 years and considers herself to be well-versed in international cookery having lived in South Korea, the Middle East and Australia. But, she still goes back to her traditional cooking roots when it comes to having family or guests around for supper. Stay tuned as Zaleha shares some of these favourite family recipes with you!

Zaleha lives in Bristol with her husband and youngest daughter and owns the successful Malaysian KitchenUK Supper Club. Besides the Supper Club, Zaleha also teaches Malaysian cookery at a local cookery school and is starting her own YouTube channel to share with the world how special Malaysian food is due to the multicultural populations in Malaysia.

Masterchef UK Contestant 2018

Author of My Rendang Isnt Crispy Cookbook

Food Demos | Cookery Lesson | Private Dining and Catering

Instagram @zaleha.olpin

More on Zaleha on our website soon on My Blue Tea's Chefs Profile column - so subscribe for that Crispy Rendang Recipe!!

Rendang | Rendang Lady | Butterfly Pea Tea
Rendang paste from That Rendang Lady

If you are the lucky ones in the UK you are able to purchase Zaleha's Malaysian Rendang Paste and Malaysian Sambal Paste.

Her cookbook "My Rendang Isn't Cripsy" is available online and on Amazon.


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My Blue Tea
My Blue Tea
Aug 19, 2020

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