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Lobster, Banana & Torch Ginger Flower

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Just in time for Christmas - How to make Lobster, Banana & Torch Ginger Flower?

THIS amazing dish combines the luxurious flavour of lobster with flavours from the banana and torch ginger flowers. Expect an explosion of flavours with each bite of this dish. Perfect anytime but especially for those typical Aussie Xmas luncheons on the beach (remember the sunscreen and slip, slop, slap). We've seen some banana flowers on sale at the Coffs Jetty Market, Coffs Harbour. You might find some at the Sydney Flemington market or Cabramatta. Enjoy.

Bonus Recipe included - "Torch Ginger, Mango & Passion Fruit Salad" - all in season in Australia.


* 250 grams lobster (shelled and deveined)

* 1/2 cup banana blossom (shredded, use young petals)

* 1/4 cup torch ginger flower (shredded & a quick soak in warm water to rehydrate it)

* 1 tbsp coriander leaves (chopped)

* 2 tbsp lime juice

* 1 tbsp roasted chilli paste (recipe can be found from red snapper steak)

* 1 tbsp fish sauce

* 1 tbsp bird eye chilli(chopped)

* 1 tsp palm sugar

* some mint leaves to garnish

* 1/4 cup lemongrass (finely sliced)

* Soak the shredded banana blossom in water with a squeeze of lime juice for 10 minutes, then drain.

* Grill the lobster until cooked, then cut into cubes.

* In a bowl, stir together lime juice, roasted chilli paste, fish sauce, chilli and palm sugar, mixing well.

* Add the lobster, shredded banana blossom, torch ginger flower, lemongrass, and coriander leaves and toss together, mixing well.

* Garnish with mint leaves, and left over coriander for taste.

To Prepare Torch Ginger :-

* Soak Torch Ginger dried slices in warm water for about 3 mins

* Sieve and set aside to remove excess water.

## Saves you time from cutting moreover it is not easily available in Australia

## Our Torch Ginger (Bunga Kantan) is pure flower. We remove the outer layer of petals and all stems. Just the pure sweet flower which means 50 grams of dried slices of Torch Ginger is equivalent to >10 Torch Ginger flowers.

Pomelo | Torch Ginger | Kantan | Blue Tea

Pomelo, Torch Ginger & Prawn salad - watch out for recipe

As an alternative to lobster we recommend you choose an all Fair dinkum Australian Prawn of your choice.

Mango | Bunga Kantan | Blue Tea

Torch Ginger, Mango & Passion Fruit salad - great & refreshing. Perfect for Summer



* 1 -2 spoons of dried Torch Ginger slices (Give it a quick soak in warm water to rehydrate) * 1 raw or semi-riped green mango, thinly sliced * 4 shallots, thinly sliced * 1 Red chilli, thinly sliced * 2 Passionfruits DRESSING :

* 2 tbsp pineapple juice * 1/3 tbsp sugar or Mirin * 1 tsp soy sauce * 1-2 tsp vinegar or Verjuice by Maggie Beer

* 2-3 red chillie (optional) METHOD :

* Combine all the ingredients together in a bowl and mix well with the dressing * Garnish with edible flowers or mint leaves and serve chilled. Enjoy

Enjoy the above meal with our Butterfly Pea Christmas cocktail - you can use either - (1) Blue Butterfly Pea Powder - just dilute 1/4 or 1/2 tspn in warm water (2) A few drops of Blue Ocean, Butterfly Pea Liquid Extract into your cocktail or (3) soak 15 petals of our Butterfly Pea flower in hot water for 10 mins and lastly (4) make Blue ice cubes...... Be creative, be adventurers - more on our website Blog -

Christmas | Cocktails | Blue Tea | Orange

Christmas Cocktails with Butterfly Pea, Orange Juice and (Vodka is optional)


The above recipe was first published by The Flavours by Chef Korn.

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