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You'll love My Blue Tea

Blue and White Cloud Swissroll cake

Wow! Just Woweee for our beautiful awesome Mom

How did Elizabeth achieve the baby blue shade in this Swiss roll?

Love it.../xxx

She simply utilized around 4 grams of MyBlueTea's natural Butterfly Pea powder and perhaps a few photography techniques, we presume! The key point here is the natural blue colour, as artificial dyes can potentially trigger eczema and ADHD in children. Besides, kids adore the colour blue! Give Mom a break, go natural colours and flavours with us.

Blue Swissroll or Roll Cake

We have a few shared a few versions of Swissroll cakes or also known as Roll Cakes with various flavours and colours especially "Blue" from our shop that you would like to bake and Pandan Swissroll with Palm Sugar, it is always a winner.

For the adventurous, do experience our Durian Latte for you to bake yummy Durian Swiss roll, and for a regal touch, savour the Intense Purple Sweet Potato Swiss roll. Check out Elizabeth's recipe for the "Blue and White Cloud Swiss roll," just in time for Mother's Day or even for a Blue Christmas.

Also by Elizabeth her lighter version of Polka Dot Purple Sweet Potato Swissroll cake and of course, this "Blue & White Cloud Swissroll" - YUM!!


*55g canola oil

*60g milk 95g low protein flour

*7 egg yolk

*7 egg white

*3 teaspoons lemon juice

*5 tablespoons caster sugar


*300g thicken cream Lychee

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Elizabeth enjoys baking late at night and is particularly fond of our Sambal Tumis in her Nasi Lemak. This Dragonfruit bread filled with cheese and cranberries is another awesome creation. The final photo showcases a Pandan Bun filled with Coconut and Palm sugar, a marriage made in heaven.


(1) Mix oil and Blue Butterfly pea powder then put in milk and mix till incorporated

(2) Soft in flour and whisk in zigzag way

(3) Put in egg yolk and whisk In zigzag way , leave the mixture aside

(4) Put lemon juice into egg white and beat until bubbles form and put in sugar. Beat until stiff peak

(5) Put 1/3 of egg white into the egg yolk mixture and fold gently then pour the whole mixture into the egg white and fold until well incorporated

(6) Pour the batter into a lined 30 x 40cm pan and bake it at 160 degree preheated oven for 24 minutes

(7) When it’s done, take out from oven straight away and remove the cake from the dish immediately and take away the baking paper

(8) When it’s cool spread the beaten cream evenly on top side of the cake line up the lychee at 1/3 section spread more cream on the lychee and then roll up the cake gently by using baking paper (do not press it as it will break)

(9) Use the parchment paper to gently push the roll so it is taut.

(10) Wrap the cake in the baking paper and leave it in the fridge for 30 minutes

(11) Cut the cake in the middle and put it onto a cake board or dish and Enjoy!

About Elizabeth Tang

(not much, we're afraid)

Elizabeth is from Kuching, Sarawak but now loving Perth as her base. Elizabeth has a passion for baking. Often, she bakes late at night, and we usually look forward to see her posts around 3:00 am Sydney time. We can't help but crave a slice of her delicious cake or mooncake! And to visit Elizabeth 'hopefully soon and tp pader to order more../xxx

She obviously love our Sarawak Laksa. Look at the bowl of Sarawak goodness. MyBlueTea have both Vegetarian and normal Sarawak laksa (new limited stocks are now in stock). Sarawak Laksa, the Breakfast of Gods as proclaimed by the late Anthony Bourdain.

Suggested Tea Pairings for your Blue Cloud Swiss Roll :

Some suggested Short and Sweet Mother's Day Messages for dearest Mommy along with a warm cup of tea served with Blue & Cloud Swissroll cake :-

  • Hugs and kisses. Love you, Mum!

  • Enjoy this day that's all for you!

  • Thanks for all that you do for me!

  • Lots of love. You're the best mum!

  • To the best mum in the world!


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