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You'll love My Blue Tea


As Løng As There are PASTA NOODLES, I'm Happy👌 by Chef Popo

Beautiful and natural plant-based Blue Pasta by our amazing Chef Bel and all NEW Butterfly Pea Powder and flower NEW stocks just arrived. --> Order yours

Recipe for Blue Pea pasta:


*100g organic plain flour

*2 egg whites (omitted egg yokes just so the colour is not compromised)

* Pinch of salt


(1) Combine all ingredients to form a dough. Add more flour if the dough is too soft. Knead for about 5 mins. Wrap in cling wrap + leave in the fridge for about 20-30 mins.

(2) Take the dough out from the fridge and roll it to your preferred shape.

(3) I use a pasta maker and then cut the pasta manually with a pair of serrated scissors.

(4) Boil the tagliatelle pasta in salted boiling water for about 2-3 mins.

(5) Add pasta to the anchovy aglio e olio oil + mix well. Serve warm. Enjoy.

Showcasing some amazing food presentation (slide through) and photography by Chef.Popo by Bel. If you would like to learn precision and awesome plating follow Chef Bel on her Instagram or FB.

(1) Crispy pork belly on a bed of mango cubes

(2) A quick, simple + nutritious avocado + sunny side up to break your fast!

(3) Toasties with lashings of butter + homemade chicken liver pate!

(4) A creamy, cheesy avocado air-fried to perfection for this morning’s breakfast!

(5) Wonton rolls with satay dipping sauce! So delicious + moreish you can’t stop at 1Perfect as snacks or entrée !

(6) Grilled cheese on avocado

About Belinda @chef.popo

This recipe is generously shared by Belinda, otherwise known as Chef.Popo. Belinda started cooking when she was about 9! Talk about starting young! And her creativity was already raring to go from the very start. Her very first dish, 'Hairy Melon' was incredibly salty. She added everything she could find in the kitchen! Fortunately, her older siblings “enjoyed” the dish which encouraged Belinda to continue cooking. As they say, a little appreciation goes a long way, and it was thanks to the motivation and support she got from her siblings that got her to try out another dish and another! Belinda's style of cooking is intuitive or what some would call freestyling. This means she can and loves recreating her favourite restaurant dishes at home. The real treat and kick here is she not only makes the dishes taste similar or really close to what she had, but sometimes her version tastes even better!

Belinda does a little dance when her husband loves it and gives it a thumbs up! Chefs love sharing the joy of their cooking with the people they love, and it's this two-way connection that gives her the spark to love what she does. When you create and serve a dish with love, whoever is lucky to be on the receiving end returns the appreciation two-fold! Belinda's love for cooking goes beyond just creating the dishes themselves. She's also really into the photography and styling aspects of cooking and presenting dishes. It's one thing to make dishes taste good, and quite another skill to make them look good. Belinda has dedicated a lot of time to really getting to know her food and learning about the aesthetic techniques of presenting it. When she sees what she has created come to a lovely fruition, she feels very thankful for divine creativity. It's a blessing for her, and that blessing ultimately gets shared and passed on to the people around her. Sharing her creations, her knowledge and experience on her social media brings joy to her and her followers.

If you haven't seen Belinda's beautiful creations, get on to her Instagram now, and partake in a piece of the joy.... it may well inspire you to don that apron and whip up some creativity of your own! Follow Chef.Popo here: and her FB Page - Chef.Popo


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