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You'll love My Blue Tea


How to make Butterfly Pea Blue Velvet Cupcakes

with Cream Cheese Frosting?

You'll never eat Red Velvet again after seeing these Blue Velvet cake made using Blue Butterfly Pea Powder with interesting blue hues......... and more after our Blue Flower Party Event in Melbourne at Neil Perry's/Omega Kitchen at Prahan Market on 30th June and 1st July, 2018 this weekend. Come join us....

We will be rolling out all natural GREEEEEN VELVET too.... yum!

Legend has it Red Velvet was first created by a chef at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, and since then, this crimson cake has developed quite a fan base across the country.

If you thought red velvet was the best thing ever to happen to your birthday cake, you'll be glad to know your beloved red cake is about to get even better.

Behold, blue velvet.If you haven't heard of blue velvet before, let me fill you in on a sweet secret. Blue velvet is pretty similar to red velvet, in terms of taste.

It's a dense, moist cake with a combination of buttermilk, vanilla and cocoa powder as its main ingredients.Unlike its red, passé predecessor, it has a gorgeous blue (maybe purple) interior concealed underneath its fluffy, cream cheese frosting facade.

Ingredients :

Yield 6 cupcakes or a 6 inch cake tin

120gm plain flour

110gm sugar

1 tsp baking powder

A pinch of salt

100ml canola oil

70 ml buttermilk

Cream Cheese Frosting ingredients :

125gm Philadelphia CC

70gm icing sugar(adjust according to your own liking )

Some freshly squeezed lemon juice ( adjust according to your liking )

Butterfly Pea Blue Velvet | MY BLUE TEA

Butterfly Pea Blue Velvet Cupcakes


Preheat oven at 160 degree

* Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.

* Whisk egg lightly n mix with wet ingredients.

* Mix both dry n wet ingredients together n whisk thoroughly till batter become smooth.

*Use ice cream scoop to divide batter evenly into cupcake paper ( lined in the muffin tray)

* Bake in the centre rack for 20 min.

* Remove the cakes from tray 3 min after out from oven n allow to cool.

Blue Velvet | Blue Tea

Butterfly Pea Blue Velvet Cupcakes

Cream Cheese Frosting:

* Use mixer to cream all the ingredients together till soft n fluffy.

*Divide the frosting into 2 portions n add blue pea powder into 1 portion.

* Scoop the frosting alternatively ( plain n blue pea) into pipping bag with noozle attached.

* Pipe the frosting on the cooled cupcakes n decorate with fondant flower

Enjoy you Butterfly Pea Blue Velvet cupcake with a cup of warm Blue Tea - choose any of the lovely herbal blend or miracle blend.

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea | MY BLUE TEA

Blue Herbal Tea - our best seller with lemongrass, ginger and with Pandan, of course


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