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Jingle all the Way with Pandan Christmas Cocktail Recipe

Make even the Grinch go green with envy with this delightfully original Christmas cocktail

Cocktails, bright lights, laughter, merry company, dressing up to the nines...this is what Christmas feels like. From Eggnog and Wassail to the Tom and Jerry and Poinsettia, these classic Christmas drinks are a quintessential element of the year-end holiday celebrations, as vital as decorating the tree or making gingerbread houses.

This festive season, why not give your typical Christmas cocktail an original twist with a simple, natural, and incredibly healthy ingredient?

Believe it or not, the humble gentle Pandan can really give your cocktail quite a kick!

2020 Christmas green cocktails with Pandan, recipe by My Blue Tea
2020 Christmas green cocktails with Pandan

Pandan is actually incredibly versatile, and it is not limited to just making desserts. We have shown you how to use Pandan Powder in savoury dishes and now we want to show you how amazing this little green powder is in a Christmas Cocktail!

Pisco Pandan


• 30ml Pandan simple syrup

• 60ml Pisco

• 15ml Amaro Montenegro

• 1⁄2 lime, juiced

• 30ml coconut water

• Ice


* In a cocktail shaker, add ice and all the ingredients.

* Shake for 30 seconds or until combined and chilled.

* Double strain into a coupe glass.

* Enjoy!


• 2 tbsp Pandan Tea Powder

• 1 cup water

• 1 cup sugar

For the simple syrup:

• Add the Pandan Tea Powder, sugar and water to a small saucepan over medium heat.

• Stir until dissolved.

• Let cool, then pour into a glass jar and seal tightly with a lid. The simple syrup will keep, refrigerated, for about one month.

Christmas Healthy Mocktail recipes, also great for children!

Try these Blue Butterfly Cocktails & Mocktails - enjoy it with Gin or Vodka or a simple lemon and soda can also give it quite a punch. And if the little ones are feeling left out, why not make a Pandan Mocktail for your children to enjoy? It is safe, absolutely child-friendly, within the legal age limits and it is also healthy! Here's a quick and easy recipe to try - you can even get their little hands involved to help you prepare it!

Pandan Lime Cilantro Mint Soda

Recipe (Makes 1 drink)

Pandan Mocktail | Christmas
Pandan Lime Cilantro Mint Soda
This child-friendly drink has a lovely emerald green tone and it is deliciously refreshing to boot. You will have your children (and big people guests) coming back for more! It is a great party mocktail and the best part is how healthy the drink really is!


  • 3g mint leaves (about 4 large mint leaves)

  • 3g cilantro leaves

  • 13g (1 tbsp) Pandan Liquid

  • 13g (1 tbsp) lime juice

  • 160ml soda water (1/2 can)

  • Ice


* Use a wooden spoon or small pestle to muddle the cilantro and mint together in a glass.

* Add Pandan Liquid followed by lime juice. Stir to mix.

* Fill the glass half full with ice and then top with soda water.

For extra brownie points

Rim the glass with a mixture of raw sugar and a touch of sea salt! Now here is a great tip to help you score points with your guests! It gives a lovely zing to the tastebuds!

Thanks to Chloe for sharing the recipe!

Pandan Pisco recipe was contributed by Chloe using our natural Butterfly Blue Pea Powder. Chloe is a Digital Marketing Manager and creates cocktail recipes as a hobby. We are always up for one of her lovely drinks.

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