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Making Plant-Based Skincare using My Blue Tea Superfood Powder

Calling all skincare boutique manufacturers.

Here's why Green Skincare is Good for Customers, and for your Business

My Blue Tea desires to work with ethical boutique skincare manufacturers searching for non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan ingredients for their organic skincare and cosmetics. If you are thinking of using alternative vegan materials, My Blue Tea boasts a range of plant-based superfoods that can be used to manufacture soaps, creams, scrubs and other items you can imagine.

We know that the green skincare industry is booming and we want you to glow and boom too - with My Blue Tea! (see below for some statistics *)

Your Body, Your Soul, Your Life

“Consumers are much more aware of the health credentials of the food they’re eating, and are willing to pay extra for organic, natural produce because they feel it’s better for their health and wellbeing,” says Lanae Scobie, director of natural skincare brand Harvest Garden.

The same goes for what you put onto your skin. We despise the lead that goes into lipsticks and the harm synthetics are causing Mother Earth.

“This awareness has rubbed off onto the products that people are prepared to put on their skin, with more and more consumers seeking skincare options that are free from harsh chemicals that not only get absorbed into the bloodstream but also leech into our waterways and soil, to harm our planet.”

So here are some examples of all-natural plant-based skincare, body care and hair care products.

Au Naturale bath bombs, Rosehip toner, Butterfly Pea Facemask, Roselle Facemask, Kaffir Lime Facemask and also those natural soaps of Kaffir Lime leave soaps and Butterfly Pea Shampoo and Conditioner. The colours of the final product are also natural, all colour pigments are from plants.

Why use MY BLUE TEA's natural Superfood Powder in your cosmetics and skincare.

It’s something Scobie who has sensitive skin said “In my early 20s, I had really bad skin – pimples, rosacea, pigmentation, sometimes oily, sometimes dry. I tried every store-bought product I could find but while my skin would start showing signs of clearing up for a week or two, then it would flare up again.

“I decided to ditch the toxic products and searched for natural solutions instead. Ultimately it took me on a journey of not only seeking out natural skincare products but 15 years down the track, establish Harvest Garden.”

We're not surprised more and more people are complaining about having sensitive skin and trying to cope with it. My Blue Tea in partnership with ethical skincare manufacturers may just provide an answer to these problems.

  • Our products are 100% plant-based.

  • Flowers like the Butterfly Blue Pea (Clitoria Ternatea) were used as traditional medicine and for eating but only in the 1950s were they researched for their antioxidants, fatty acid, anthocyanins and antimicrobial activities. That's why these plants are useful in nourishing and repairing the skin, without the toxins.

  • Our plant-based superfood powder provides natural colouring, for example, Roselle for its pretty reds and Pandan for its green and fragrance.

  • This superfood powder is so convenient for making your products, cutting your manufacturing process by heaps.

  • To understand some of the health benefits, please refer to our website for further details.

  • Joint promotions. We have a good following across the world and are always open to joint promotions and helping partners grow.

Work with My Blue Tea

My Blue Tea is an easy company to work with. No middle man. Just talk to us directly or fill up our trade enquiry form to open a Wholesale Account for our natural Superfood Powders.

Alternatively, reach us on WhatsApp +61478 413 573 or email

Ask us for samples of our Superfood Powder. Make some natural skincare, body care and hair care and share your experiences with us. You can also tag us on social media with your outcomes #myblueteaskincare

Look at these pretty examples of plant-based beauty products manufactured with My Blue Tea superfood powder.

All natural plant-based skincare, body care and haircare. From top left (1 & 2) Butterfly Pea Bath Bombs; (3) Blue Butterfly Rosewater, (4) Kaffir Lime Leaf Soap & Shampoo, (5) Pandan Body Butter by Chayril Aroma in Brisbane and (6) Blue Butterfly Pea Facemask & Roselle Facemask

Australian Olive Oil Soap Co

These are some of the products Australian Olive Oil Soap Co in Melbourne make using My Blue Tea Superfood Powder.

Butterfly Pea Facemask, Roselle Facemask and Kaffir Lime Leaf Facemask - choose 1 or buy all 3!

Let's help you build your local brand!

Blue Butterfly Pea, Roselle & Kaffir Lime Leaf Facial Clay Mask

by The Australian Olive Oil Soap Co.

* Statistics

A Worldwide Trend

While the Australian organic skincare and cosmetics market is currently worth $356 million and growing at about 16 per cent per year, in the US, natural skincare alone achieved US$1.6 billion ($2.37 billion) in sales in 2018. Not only was that a 23 per cent increase on 2017 figures, it accounted for more than a quarter of the year’s total skincare sales.

That's a huge market share in anyone's language. And with 53 per cent of consumers saying that seeing ‘all natural’ on a beauty label is moderately or very important, and 46 per cent of them willing to pay more money for it, it’s only likely to grow bigger.

Christmas is coming soon!

Here's how we promote your skincare. This is a Christmas bundle now sold on our online stores.

This was used by Australian Olive Oil Soap Co to make soaps.

More from My Blue Tea!

We will be introducing two new products, including Tea in the New Year. You will have more choices to make all-natural plant-based skincare, body care. Stay tuned for more information.




Sep 16, 2023

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My Blue Tea
My Blue Tea
Oct 01, 2020

Beautiful and all natural. Love it

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