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Many Ways to "Satay"

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

When you have no time to skewer... try Pandan Satay Chicken!

When you think of satay you automatically think of skewers, don't you? Guess what, the two don't always have to go together! Here's a Pandan Satay recipe by our Coconut Shake lover, Michael!

Pandan satay chicken  | My Blue Tea

Recipe for Pandan Satay Chicken


*2 stalks - Lemongrass – chopped

*Honey (vs sugar) – to taste

*Pandan Leaves to wrap (optional 1 tbsp Pandan powder)

*1 Kg - Chicken thighs – cut to pieces



  1. You can BBQ, Cook it or deep fry or roast it in your oven. Michael roasted it.

  2. Remove from the oven.

  3. Let cool.

  4. Enjoy with Satay Sauce.

If you haven't enough time or just don't fancy skewers, no problem! Our Satay Marinade Powder is just as delicious and yummy on Chicken wings, Chicken Maryland and on Beef briskets.

Check out these photos. These delicious food were made by @explore.nonstop in Melbourne and she made "Melaka Satay Celup" with our Satay Sauce powder. Stay tuned, it'll be in our next blog recipe! And "Satay Cauliflower" recipe coming up soon as well!

Satay Bak Kwah, anyone?

Satay Bak Kwah  | My Blue Tea

This is a new "Satay Jerky" or affectionately known as "Bak Kwah" with Satay flavours. Yum! It is yum! Not many are enough of a culinary genius or bravely creative enough to introduce something so different, but one Bak Kwah maker did! Check out this Satay Bak Kwah in Sydney by Chee Meng of Yowies Kitchen Bake!

We welcome Trade / Wholesale enquiries if you are in the "Jerky" business and wish to expand flavour offerings.

Satay Burger | My Blue Tea

Extra Recipe - The Ultimate Satay Burger!

Yes, it's hard for us not to keep sharing! We have so many beautiful recipes!

You will need :-

*2 packs Chicken mince


*Burger buns

Let's watch full recipe on video!

If you have a special recipe or created something different you want to share, do contact us ! We love to hear from enthusiasts who love cooking as much as we do!

Guess My Blue Tea Spice in these Dishes Contest

In line with Father's Day, we are running a contest. Can you guess which My Blue Tea spice were used into these Mantou and Macaroni dishes?

My Blue Tea spices can make a whole lot of delicious food. Check out the two images above and tell us the name of My Blue Tea spice used in each of the above dishes.

Submit your answers to My Blue Tea via the contest form here: and you will stand a chance to win My Blue Tea Satay Spice and Blue Tea Pack worth $93.80!

(Local and International postage included so you can participate from anywhere in the world!).


500g satay Marinade + 500g satay sauce + Butterfly Pea Tea 50g with $93.80


Looking for Clues?

Clues of My Blue Tea spice used in the above dishes are shown everywhere on our social media.

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