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Satay Sauce Roast Pumpkin (Vegan) Recipe

Another budget food recipe

You will keep coming back for more with this unique roast pumpkin recipe with our NO-PEANUT SATAY SAUCE! Allergic to Nuts? Worry No More!

Imagine being able to enjoy creamy satay sauce without worrying about the peanut allergy! My Blue Tea is always trying to find ways to allow more people to enjoy these beautiful recipes we love. So here's an easy recipe for savoury baked pumpkin, seasoned with olive oil, garlic, and SATAY SAUCE powder (no-peanut) and coconut cream! It makes for a wonderful side dish (that may well steal the thunder from the main dish!)

Oven-roasting is one of our favourite ways to make this tasty winter squash as we grow a lot of pumpkins and donate them to the local soup kitchens. Keep cosy as the weather gets colder with this gorgeous heart and stomach-warming recipe.

Satay Sauce Roast Pumpkin Recipe


*1 pumpkin (Dr Janice used Hassleback pumpkin)

*50g Satay Sauce powder (dilute in water with coconut cream)

*25g coconut milk powder (dilute in 50ml water to make it into coconut cream)

*dash of fish sauce

*handful of crushed peanuts or pine nuts (optional - leave out if you are allergic to nuts!)

*Curry leaves, Thai basil and chilli – to garnish


(1) Roast the pumpkin with olive oil, salt and pepper.

(2) Halfway through, remove from oven and drizzle the Satay Sauce + Coconut cream over the pumpkin.

(3) Add fish sauce for an intense sweet and savoury flavour.

(4) Continue to roast till cooked.

(5) Garnish with fried curry leaves, some Thai basil and chilli. Enjoy.

When you think about pumpkin, do you only think about pumpkin soup? If so, you're missing out! Pumpkin can take on either sweet or savoury flavours, and it makes for a wonderful, hearty, and satisfying savoury side dish, perfect for fall and winter.

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Satay Sauce Roast Pumpkin | My Blue Tea

About @ipohgirl Dr Janice Thean

Many thanks @ipohgirl1! We're always looking forward to creative surprises from Dr Janice! When she isn't busy in her job as a surgeon, she is busy in the kitchen creating beautiful lamb recipes. Creative and very passionate in cooking and baking, we are certainly lucky whenever she shares her creations with us!

Photos, reel and and recipes are contributed by our good friend, Janice @ipohgirl1. Do visit and follow @ipohgirl1 for her amazing creations both sweet and savoury.

Little tidbits about Dr. Janice - she prefers savoury food, and her favourite spices are Satay Marinade, Satay Sauce and Rendang Sauce!

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