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My Blue Tea's secret Laksa recipe

Laksa! Laksa! Laksa! Oi! Oi! Oi!

Start your own Laksa creation now to win the 'Golden Bowl' best Laksa at the Darwin Laksa Festival in November

Did you know that Australia has the largest and oldest Laksa Festival annually in Darwin (and not in Malaysia)? Now in its fourth year, the Darwin International Laksa Festival celebrates the Top End's multicultural community and love of laksa. This Laksa Festival will run for four weeks in November ending on 27th November 2022. Don't miss out on this to find the best laksa! If you are creating your own Laksa share them on your socials and tag @myblueteaAU

Go Laksa-licious with My Blue Tea's beautiful Spice Pantry!

Laksa is a highly popular dish and one to die for. Special (often secret) recipes have been passed down over time and you'll always find someone who can recommend what they believe to be the best laksa stall in town.

So what exactly is it about this tantalising dish that makes people lose their good sense and do whatever they can to get to the next yummy bowl of red hot laksa? You'll see when you look at the ingredients further down and when you've tried a really good recipe, you'll never look at laksa the same way again.

True blue fans of laksa would do anything to get their hands on the best recipe ever to be crowned Laksa King or Queen of the neighbourhood. A good recipe always has that special X-factor ingredient thrown in, sworn to secrecy through generations in the family.

So, are you ready to know what the most important ingredient to make a stunning bowl of laksa is? It's the magnificent Torch Ginger or Bunga Kantan.

And here at My Blue Tea, we make it totally possible (and easy!) with our Spice Pantry blends for you to get your hands on this beautiful ingredient to make your to-die-for laksa.

Those who have been with us for some time will know, at My Blue Tea, we go the extra mile when it comes to food, cooking and eating healthy, so don't forget My Blue Tea's Meat Curry base + Sambal Tumis Powder that you'll need to make this curry laksa truly authentic and very, very yummy!

Laksa | Noodles | Malaysia
Curry Laksa

Ingredients A:

500ml Water

100ml Cooking Oil

5 pcs Lemongrass (smashed)

(Note : Pandan is used in savoury curry in many Sri Lankan food and there is also a Pandan Laksa instant noodles available in Malaysia).

Ingredients B (for gravy):

1L Water (for gravy)

12 pcs Tofu pok (cut into half)

1 cube Chicken stock or

1 cube Anchovy stock

1/2 tspn Belacan / Shrimp paste (optional)

Ingredient (C) (Mix and set aside):

400ml Water


30 pcs Fish balls

2 pcs Fish cake (cut into slices)

2 pcs Chicken thighs (cut into bite sizes)


500 g Spaghetti/Noodles

500 g Bean sprouts

5 nos Kasturi limes / Calamansi Limes (or lemons)

100 g Chinese parsley (chopped)

100 g Fried onions

3 nos Red chillies (sliced) or Sambal Tumis

5 nos Hard boiled egg

Optional Ingredients:

* lobster

* mussels

* mud crabs


1. Boil spaghetti of your choice in water until cooked. Rinse with cold water. Strain dry and toss with cooking oil. Or soften noodles of your choice in hot water and strain.

2. Mix all Ingredients (A) well in a wok/pot. Cook until oil rises and fragrant.

3. Add Ingredients (B). Bring to boil and simmer for 10 minutes.

4. Add Ingredient (C), fish balls and fish cake. Bring to a boil.

5. Put the noodles into a bowl, top with garnishing and pour the gravy over.

6. Add a dollop of cooked Sambal Tumis - heaven!

Discover our new Almond Coconut Latte with ice cream + biscoff! Ok it may be a bit much after a hot bowl of laksa but hey, it's Biscoff! You can´t say no to that! If you prefer something calmer, stay true blue with our refreshing Longan Blue Tea or Blue Boba Tea! All recipes are on our website TV Channel or go to MyBlueTea YouTube channel.

What you can make with My Blue Tea's Spice Blends

From left (1) Ayam Masak Merah with Sambal Tumis (2) Sambal Swissroll (3) Sambal Pasta (4) Udon Curry Stir Fry (5) Chicken Curry (6) and the very yummy Sing Chow Mai - Singapore Noodles.

Believe it or not, all these yummy dishes can be created with just 2 of our spice blends!

We are feeling hungry even just writing about this. So, calling all laksa fans out there, give this recipe a try, tell us how laksalicious it was, and maybe we'll see some of you at the Laksa Festival in Darwin!

All recipes are either on our website Blog or on our Instagram and Facebook Page.


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