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PANDAN KAYA / Pandan Coconut Jam – recipe contributed by Dunia Goh

One of the most popular recipes during lockdown (as this recipe was published first via FB in July 2021) is Pandan Kaya and Pandan Chiffon Cake. And we're lucky that Dunia is happy to share her easy Pandan Kaya/Pandan Coconut Jam recipe. Try it. .

We love Pandan and Pandan Kueh Talam and Pandan Kaya
Everyone loves MyBlueTea's Pandan Powder - 5 star

This was published on MyBlueTea FB Page in July 2021 and now it's back in trend as everyone is back to cooking and baking at home due to some economic challenges or for some who loves to cook & bake.

From Dunia than in 2021 - "So with Covid cancelling my interstate holiday and limiting opportunity for fam-bams (which often include family sauce/jam swaps), I thought I'd try making Pandan Kaya - normally one of my aunt's specialities. I'd like to call this a success."

The recipe filled 2 x 200ml jars (approx. 400ml in total) so a good small batch.


* 5 large egg yolks * 2-3 packs of MBT/SPI Coconut Milk powder (dilute in 270ml to make coconut cream) * 2 tsp (10g) Pandan Leaf powder * 60g caster sugar * 20g dark brown sugar

Simple steps to make Pandan Kaya at home with our Pandan Powder + Dehydrated Coconut Milk powder.

METHOD : (1) Prepare/sterilise 2 x 200ml jars. I prefer to use boiling water but feel free to use the microwave technique or whichever way you are comfortable with.

(2) Separate the egg yolks from the whites. You want to remove as much white as possible to minimise any chance of curdling during the cooking process. Keep the whites aside in the fridge for another recipe. Put egg yolks into a separate bowl and whisk them lightly with a fork.

(3) Dilute the Coconut Milk Powder in 270ml water (shake it in a container). Pour the majority of contents into a small nonstick saucepan. Add the Pandan leaf powder and stir thoroughly to dissolve and add into saucepan.

(4) Add sugar to saucepan and dissolve over low heat. Stir with a wooden spatula over low heat (2 on my cooktop). Once fully dissolved, take out a tablespoon of the mixture.

(5) Start to whisk your egg yolks and drizzle in the 1T of mixture. Repeat until you have added at least 3T of the coconut mixture to the egg yolks, then add all the egg yolk mix back into the saucepan whilst stirring.

Many happy clients and Pandan Lovers from individual users, bakers and various businesses ie gelato, pancakes, cafes etc. Thank you everyone.

(6) Turn the heat up on the saucepan to low-medium (4 on my cooktop which would simmer but due to continuous stirring, it does not "boil"). Set the timer and cook (continuously stirring) for 20 mins. You want to cook out the liquid until it thickens to a paste so that when you run the spatula through it, it does not flood back.

(7) When done, remove the saucepan from heat. Pour into your prepared/sterilised jars and refrigerate if not immediately eating on some toast! Enjoy Pandan Kaya on Toast with a cup of Kopi O or Black coffee with condensed milk or to avoid sugar, a simple healthy Butterfly Pea tea.


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