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How to Make Pandan Silver Thread Buns: A Modern Twist on Traditional Mantou Recipe

Mantou with a Pandan-ed Twist...err.. thread!

Wing @bakingintheUK made these beautiful Pandan Silver Thread buns (or mantou )and happy to share her recipe in both Mandarin & English for the benefit of all Pandan Lovers. This and Pandan were the most sought after recipe and ingredient, when we first published it on MyBlueTea Facebook page in July 2021 - then Covid lockdown.

What is Mantou?

Mantou (traditional Chinese: 饅頭; simplified Chinese: 馒头), often referred to as Chinese steamed bun, is a white and soft type of steamed bread or bun popular in Northern China.Folk etymology connects the name mantou to a tale about Zhuge Liang.

Mantou are typically eaten as a staple food in northern parts of China where wheat, rather than rice, is grown. They are made with milled wheat flour, water and leavening agents. In size and texture, they range from 4 centimetres (1.6 in), soft and fluffy in the most elegant restaurants, to over 15 centimetres (5.9 in), firm and dense for the working man's lunch. As white flour, being more heavily processed, was once more expensive, white mantou were something of a luxury in pre-industrial China.

We have PANDAN-ed as well as "thermomixed" the traditional mantou and made it prettier and flavoursome giving you Pandan Silver Thread Buns. This recipe is in both Mandarin and English for our Pandan friends.

PANDAN SILVER THREAD BUNS 班蘭銀絲卷 (similar to Mantou Buns with a twist)

Pandan Silver Threads buns | My Blue Tea
Pandan Silver Thread Buns

“今日既早餐 有無人食過銀絲卷?好似好多人未食過咁 今次試咗一次性發酵,但係覺得個效果好似同2次發酵無乜分別咁?

Today's breakfast features silver rolls. Has anyone tried them before? It appears that many people have not experienced them. This time, I experimented with single fermentation, but the outcome seems similar to double fermentation."

Ingredients :

食譜做到6個 This recipe makes 6 buns: 溫牛奶 Warm milk 100g

酵母 Yeast 2g 中筋麵粉 Plain flour 200g 糖 Sugar 20g 油 Oil 5g

班蘭粉 Pandan powder 5g 牛奶 Warm milk 2 tsp

Tips:  You may substitute milk to Coconut Milk powder - 1 pack dilute in 100g water.

Method :-

(1) 溫牛奶+酵母,放置10分鐘 - Mix well warm milk+ yeast, rest for 10 mins

(2) 酵母奶加入麵粉&糖 Add the yeast milk into the flour and sugar

(3) 加入油,搓光滑面糰 Add in oil and knead the dough till it's smooth.

(4) 面糰分2份:1/3留做外層白色既,另外2/3加入班蘭粉同牛奶搓勻 Split the dough into 2 portions: leave 1/3 of the dough plain for the outer part, add in pandan powder and milk to the another 2/3 of the dough and knead to combine.

(5) 將白色同綠色麵糰都碌平至長方形,綠色既掃一層油同灑粉跟著切幼長條(咁先可以做到條條分明),放上白色麵糰用白色既捲起包住(圖3),捏緊邊位收口。 Use a rolling pin to roll both doughs to a rectangle shape, brush the green one with oil and sprinkle some flours on top then slice it to long thin strips and put the strips onto the white one (pic 3), roll it and enclose it.

(6) 收口向下,將麵糰平均切成6份。發酵1個鐘。 Closing edge facing downward, cut the roll into 6 buns. Rest for 1 hour

(7) 中大火蒸 8分鐘,關火燜2分鐘。 Use medium-high heat and steam for 8 mins, turn off the heat and leave them in the steamer for another 2 mins with the lid on. Enjoy!

Pandan Coconut Roll so good | My Blue Tea
Pandan Coconut Roll

Photo & recipe is contributed by our brand ambassador, Wing. Do visit & follow her Instagram on @bakingintheuk for home cook meals/bake, also specialising cuisines from Hong Kong and for your food inspiration. .

You may follow Wing on her instagram - @bakingintheuk

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