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Pandan Coconut Swirl Recipe

Actually, 2 recipes here

Pandan Coconut Swirl Recipe

食譜做到8個 This recipe makes 8

湯種 Water roux:

中筋麵粉 Plain flour 20g

水 Water 100ml

酵母液 Yeast liquid:

溫牛奶 Warm milk 65ml

糖 Sugar 5g

酵母 Yeast 4g

乾材料 Dry ingredients:

高筋麵粉 Bread flour 260g

煉乳 Condensed milk 15g

鹽 Salt 2g

糖 Sugar 25g

雞蛋 Egg 1

牛油 Butter 25g

斑斕麵團 Pandan dough:

煉乳 condensed milk 5g

椰蓉 Coconut filling:

融化無鹽牛油 Melted unsalted butter 25g

糖 Sugar 25g

鹽 Salt 1/8tsp

蛋黃 Egg yolk 1

椰絲 Desiccated coconut 70g


1. 湯種:麵粉+水,一直攪拌細火煮到杰身,攤凍備用。To make the water roux, cook using low heat and keep stirring the flour and water while doing so.

2. 酵母液:溫牛奶+糖+酵母攪拌,放置10分鐘 yeast liquid: add yeast and sugar into the warm milk, stir and rest for 10 mins.

3. 撈勻所有乾材料,加入湯種&酵母液,分次加入蛋液直到可以搓成少少沾手既麵團,加入牛油搓至光滑。Mix all the dry ingredients, add in the water roux and yeast liquid, slowly add the egg in until you can form a dough with a slightly sticky texture. Then mix in the butter and knead to get a smooth dough.

4. 麵糰平均分2份,其中一份加入班蘭粉同煉乳搓均勻成綠色光滑麵團。兩個麵團發酵1小時。Split the dough into two, add pandan powder&condensed milk into one of them and knead to get a smooth green dough. Let both doughs rise for an hour.

5.牛油叮15秒至融化,加入其他餡料撈勻 heat up the butter in the microwave for 15 secs to melt, add in all the other filling ingredients and mix well.

6.綠色麵團先桿成大長方形,鋪上一半椰蓉,捲起來。將原味麵團都桿成大長方形,鋪上另一半椰蓉,將綠色卷放上白色麵團上方,外白內綠咁由上往下卷。Roll out the green dough to a large rectangle shape, spread on half of the coconut filling, roll it and set aside. Then roll out the original white dough to a large rectangle shape and spread the coconut filling on too. Put the green roll onto the top edge of the original dough, roll together from the top to bottom.

7.卷切成8份。二次發酵1小時。Cut the roll into 8 slices and let them rise for another hour.

8. 掃蛋液 Brush with egg

9. 170°C 焗15分鐘。Bake at 170°C for 15mins.

Purple Sweet Potato Latte Recipe

The Pandan Swirls goes well with a Purple Sweet Potato Latte during this very cold Australian winter.

My Blue Tea just launched our official Recipe TV Channel on YouTube.

Ingredients :

*20 grams of Purple Sweet Potato Latte Powder

*30 grams if iced PSP Latte

*150 ml steamed milk

*30 ml Hot water

*230ml Latte Glass

*1 shot Espresso


(1) Dissolve Purple Sweet Potato Powder with 30 ml hot water

(2) Steam the milk to desired temperature and pour the milk into the Purple Sweet Potato Latte powder mixture

(3) Add Espresso on top and watch it glide thru the glass

Where to buy My Blue Tea products in London

Pandan Powder, Butterfly Pea Powder and some selected Super Spice blends (Satay Marinade, Satay Sauce and Ayam Goreng Berempah) are available in London, UK via My Blue Tea UK - do contact Silvie on the page or MBT-Uk Instagram.

More recipes from Wing

We're happy to look forward to future Pandan recipes from Wing. Coming soon will be a springy and chewy dessert called the "Sticky Pandan Coconut Roll". Wing is definitely in love with Pandan and Coconut and rolling with them.


Photos and recipe are contributed by our brand ambassador, Wing. Do visit and follow her Instagram on @bakingintheuk for home cook meals/bake, also specialising cuisines from Hong Kong and for your food inspiration. .

You may follow Wing on her instagram - @bakingintheuk


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