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Summer Power - Purple Sweet Potato Magnum

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Everyone wants a Magnum - follow the trend on Instagram

What is summer without ice cream? And if you are bored with the conventional ice creams around town, we are here to delight you with a new summer flavour - the Purple Sweet Potato Magnum!

It is pretty to boot and absolutely delicious. One is not going to be enough. You have been warned! Just imagine...💜💜 Ube (purple sweet potato) and white chocolate magnums!

This recipe has been enticingly contributed by Stacey on the Sunshine Coast.


* 1 cup soaked cashews

* 1 cup coconut cream

* 1 tsp vanilla

* 1/4 cup maple syrup


* Pop everything in your blender until super smooth then pour into moulds and set in the freezer.

And just sit back and wait! That is how easy this recipe is. Minimal effort!

Beautiful Tip from Stacey:

* I dipped mine in @sweetwilliamchocolate vegan white chocolate from @nurcha_bodymindearth sprinkled with puffed quinoa and a freeze dried viola 😊


You can get creative with My Blue Tea´s different Superfood Powders and combine them with the Magnum. Why not use Butterfly Pea Powder for an elegant blue Magnum, or Roselle to give it a pink blush?

You can create a whole buffet rainbow spread of Summer Magnum Treats with these different Superfood Powders from My Blue Tea: Pandan, Durian, Jackfruit, Butterfly Pea, Dragon Fruit, Roselle.


These gorgeous and healthy recipes and photos were contributed by Stacey Lum in Sunshine Coast. Thank you Stacey! She is developing easy, healthy vegan recipes which anyone can have a shot at. And she believes you can have your cake and eat it too! That is a motto we like. When she is not getting creative with her yummy vegan recipes, she rather wishes she were a mermaid. Gallivanting among the waves sounds like a great way to spend the summer. We love you Stacey and really appreciate your delicious recipes! Stacey has now moved forward from managing her Instagram account to actually owning a shop selling all her vegan treats. That is a big step forward, Stacey! We are proud of you!

Stacey also made us some treats like her Pandan Raw Cakes and Blue Butterfly Magnum during our Brisbane Vegan Expo last year. We still have memories of the tastes lingering on our tongues. When borders open again, we will be back for these delightful treats.

And if you would like to be featured here, do get in contact with us or email -


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