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Super Easy Pandan Cupcake

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

How to make Pandan Cupcake with just 1 simple step?

PANDAN STEAM CAKE by Penang Girl in Melbourne

Simplicity is best. All you need is Pandan! Oh my Pandan! Thank you Karen Tan-Chatwin!

Karen Tan-Chatwin is our Penang Girl in Melbourne and she has a gorgeous recipe to share with My Blue Tea. She has been experimenting with several of our Superfood Powders and the result is simply delicious! Karen loves all our products and especially Pandan Powder, Durian Powder + good ol´ Sambal Tumis in her Sambal Prawns + Kaffir lime + Stinky beans. Here's Karen's almighty 1-step Pandan Steam Cupcake (optional you can also steam it in a larger pan - 1 large round or square cake).

Ingredients: *1 1/2 cups Self Raising Flour *1 cup Water + 3tsp My Blue Tea Pandan Powder *1/2 cup Raw/Castor Sugar *1 sachet My Blue Tea Coconut Milk Powder dilute in 65ml water *2tbsp Olive Oil *Pinch of Salt

Method: 1 simple step is all you need! *Mix all and pour into cups and steam. Enjoy!

Karen is a regular recipe contributor as she loves food and is very creative. She has made Jackfruit Ondeh Ondeh and of course her signature Penang Blue Rice Nasi Lemak.

This Pandan Cupcake recipe would be perfect for Christmas with a glass of Pandan Cooler or a warm cup of Lady in Red Hibiscus Tea - both are delicious and healthy! Our Christmas Gift set is now available including the Tea Tube and Tea of your choice!

From left : Pandan Cooler, Lady in Red-Hibiscus Tea and Matcha Coconut Shake.

Or amaze your guests with "Double Coconut Shake with Matcha Coconut Latte", now with a new recipe! Enjoy!

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