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You'll love My Blue Tea

The deliciously cute Easter Bunny is coming!

The cutest Easter Bunny with lovely scrambled egg blanket, coated with Sambal Tumis and carrots, coriander and covered with delicious tomato sauce... ooo it's almost too pretty to eat! Get the recipe here!

Easter bunny with sambal tumis, scrambled eggs | My Blue Tea


Scrambled Eggs (for each):

*3 eggs, beaten

*3 tbsp of water

*Salt to taste

And the Easter Bunny gets it's Egg blanket to keep warm in this raining season and autumn......../xxx

Sambal Tumis

*1 cup dried shrimp, soaked and finely chopped

*Blended ingredients garlic, onion, tamarind

*150g tomato purée

*1 cup reduced sugar tomato ketchup (or Passata, normally not too sweet)

*2 tbsp brown sugar

Once you have all the ingredients, it´s super easy. In fact, all you need is scroll through the photos to see what's involved and to build your Easter Bunny! The scramble is a challenge everything else is smooth sailing especially making Sambal Tumis.

About Vyen

Reel and photos were contributed by our Brand Ambassador and a Malaysian food enthusiast, Vyen. Do visit and follow Vyen @vyenfoodmadness for your Malaysian food delights, Blue Chocolate, big feasts and where to "makan" in Melbourne! Vyen knows lots of new places to visit and new food to explore in Melbourne. And here´s something you may not know about Vyen - she is also a pianist with a great voice! We have encouraged her to join The Voice, Australia, so keep an eye out. Perhaps we may just see her on stage one day!

From Vyen and the team at My Blue Tea, we wish everyone a Happy Easter, Happy Holidays and Happy Cooking & Creating! Let´s hop, hop, hop into the kitchen and get ready to cook and have fun!

Oh wait... here´s an extra treat from Vyen! Try this refreshingly delicious dessert with all your favourite ingredients! Shake, Coconut, shake! STAY TUNED, Subcribe & Follow for a few more Coconut Shake #giveaways on MyBlueTea Instagram & MyBlueTea Facebook


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