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You'll love My Blue Tea

Kids Love Blue - Blue Margaritas (non alcoholic of course)

Blue Margarita and Snacking Blue for Kids

Every parent wants to make sure their child is getting all the important nutrients in life that they need. But picky eaters often turn their noses up at fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Playing up the fun factor of colourful and nutrient-packed foods can help kids with even the most discerning palates dig into what's good for them.

Globally the colour blue is an overwhelmingly favourite colour and the food industry has had great success with blue coloured candy, sugary drinks and cereals. But a vibrant natural blue that is stable, predictable and healthy is rare indeed. Enter Clitoria Ternatea (Blue Butterfly pea vine flower) screaming “I’m truly a vibrant blue because nature, in its unruly variety, has made me so and bathed in my colour blue, I bring you wellness in body, mind and spirit.”

This is where Chef Celina Joseph comes in............ a self taught cook, chef and baker at Celina's Kitchen. She is passionate in cooking delicious and healthy meals using fresh and local produce. She has the ability to turn a simple ingredient into something spectacular. She attributes it to her creative side and her wicked imagination. It's no wonder, her 2 beautiful children are her greatest fans and she has even made green vegetables, cooked and raw, so palatable that they just love their greens and now Blue Foods! Celina is great in playing with Blue Butterfly Powder in her creation. Below are some food items created by Chef Celina for one of the many Kids Party Themed "Blue".

This Kid's Margarita is just one of the ways of Chef Celina Joseph working her magic - here's the recipe: Non alcoholic Blue Margarita with fruit -

Ingredients for Kids Blue Margarita - makes 4 - 6 Happy Kids!

3 cups honey dew melon (cubed) 1 cup soda water 1 tsp Blue Butterfly Powder Salted Rims 2 tablespoon salt 1/2 tsp butterfly pea powder 1 wedge lime

Method :

1) Put the honeydew melon into a blender together with the soda water. 2) Blend till smooth (If the mixture is too thick, do add a little more soda water) 3) Once mixture is well blended, add in the butterfly pea powder and give it a whisk till

well combined. 4) Chill the mixture in the freezer till almost frozen 5) Meanwhile spread the salt onto a plate and randomly sprinkle the blue butterfly pea powder. 6) Take a wedge of lime and go round the rim off the glass. 7) Gently dip the glass into the salt mixture. 8) Check the margarita mixture is almost frozen. 9) Gently pour into the salt rimmed glasses 10) Garnish with some mint and serve

Margarita + Honeydew Melon

Kids Blue Margarita

Honeydew Melon

Photo from our garden - Honeydew melon

We recalled last year how my wife sowed bitter melon seeds and viola out came this wonderful honeydew melon, sweet and refreshing. My wife finally managed to harvest about 3-5 melons before the white butterfly attacked them in Autumn. They were pretty juicy too although she misses her bitter melon. Now who will wanna take the challenge to concoct a "Blue Bitter Melon Juice" - a great drink for diabetics though.

Health Benefits Honeydew melon : The combination of its high water content and potassium levels make honeydew melon effective at maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. As honeydew contains both vitamin C and copper, they promote healthy skin by aiding collagen production and tissue repair.

As a member of the cucurbitaceae family, melons are a relative of cucumbers and squash. It is thought that honeydews originated in Persia. Honeydew melon is present in Egyptian hieroglyphics dating as far back as 2,400 B.C.E., and was a prized as a food. Later cultivated by the Romans, honeydew were introduced to Europe during the rise of the Roman Empire.

Blue Kueh

Blue Sago Jelly

Blue Rice Sushi

Blue Sushi Rice for Kids

We will post Celinas Kitchen's recipes for the above foods over the coming months.

You may contact her for Kids Party Catering or other functions as she focus on healthy eating on. She grows some herbs and and veggies herself to further inspire her cooking and her clients.

Chef Celina Joseph

Celinas Kitchen

Puchong, Selangor Malaysia

FB - Celinas Kitchen

Instagram - celinas_kitchen

LIKE & Follow us and check our website for more and exciting recipes coming your way. Enjoy!

Blue Coconut Candy - made using Blue Butterfly Powder 100% natural blue colour.

Pro Tip

Honeydew’s sweet and mild flavour allows it to be combined with almost any other fruit. Mix it with pineapple, banana, kiwi, and berries for a yummy fruit salad. For a more savoury application, toss diced honeydew with lemon, watercress, lime, cilantro and jicama for a Mexican inspired dish. For a refreshing breakfast, use half a honeydew as an edible bowl for yogurt or even cottage cheese. For more preparation tips, check out a copy of my “Encyclopedia of Healing Facts”.

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