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You'll love My Blue Tea

Roti Jala Dual Colour & Blue Bandung

How to make Roti Jala 2-ways

Continuing with our announcement of Blue Butterfly Powder launch in Malaysia in October 2017, we will be featuring several Chefs in Malaysia in various expertise who have acquired the knowledge and are adventurous to use our Blue Butterfly Powder in their culinary adventures in both traditional and modern cuisines and more because it is a natural food colour and a healthy substitute for the chemical ones.

Roti Jala (also known as Roti Kirai or Roti Renjis, or "lace pancake" in English), literally meaning "Net Bread", is a popular Malay tea time snack served with curry dishes found in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. The Roti Jala is a pretty dish that looks like a lace doily due to the way it is made. This is a very traditional Malay dish that is usually homemade and served at events such as weddings and festivals. It is usually eaten in sets of three to four pieces with chicken curry, as a substitute to rice.

This 2-colour Roti Jala and Blue Bandung is created by Chef Sue. She is from Subang Jaya , Malaysia . She has more than 30 years experience in culinary expertise. 5 years ago she took her culinary journey to Down Under specifically Sydney, that's where we met. She enrolled into culinary school to learn modern Australia cuisine and other European cuisine. Now Chef Sue is back in her motherland and started her catering company called "Sage Catering ". Dabbling & creating drinks & food with Blue Butterfly Powder and her customers are very impressed with her passion in cooking.

Traditionally, Roti Jala come in just one colour - yellow but we needed that something extra, a modern twist so Chef Sue has created Roti Jala more appealing using 2 colours and 2 ways of making them. Your imagination is your limit.....

Here's the recipe - Enjoy!

Ingredients - Roti Jala

2 cups all purpose flour 2 eggs 1 tsp salt

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup coconut milk/evaporate mil 1/2 to 3/4 tsp Blue Butterfly Powder (depending on what colour you wish to achieve)

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

Oil to grease the pan

Method :

1) Put flour in large bowl and sieve it.

2) Add salt and 2 eggs in the middle and gradually add some water to make a batter - and separate the batter into 2 bowls

2) Add Blue Butterfly Powder and mix evenly - in the 1st bowl.

4) For brighter effect and colour - dissolve Blue Butterfly Powder in tepid water and let it rests for 15 minutes for it is very concentrated and the colours will keep expanding

4) In the 2nd bowl of batter add the turmeric powder and stir evenly. 5) Lastly put into roti jala mould or a funnel and start drizzling the batter into the hot pan

in a quick circular motion

6) Cook for 1-2 minutes

7) Remove from pan and fold in the sides and roll the roti jala.

8) Garnish with coriander or salad and serve with chicken curry.

Roti Jala

Roti Jala-2 colours

Roti Jala Dual Colour

Roti Jala - 2 tone

Chicken curry

Chicken curry

Now after having 4 roti jala (maybe more - you won't stop because it is so cute and tiny that you wont be counting) with spicy chicken curry you would need something to refresh the palate. Chef Sugu is adventurous to do more with the Blue Butterfly Butter hence she made a "Blue Bandung"

The bandung drink is a well-loved beverage commonly found in Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei. Distinctly bright pink in colour, it usually consists of rose syrup, artificial red colouring and milk. Bandung also happens to be the name of a city in West Java, Indonesia.

In the Malay language, the term bandung means "pairs", while sirap means "syrup" - referring to the rose-flavoured base - and air means "water". Bandung also refers to anything that is mixed from other ingredients or comes in pairs, such as the term rumah berbandung to refer to a semi-detached house, or "mee bandung" which refers to a noodle dish. Despite the name, there is no connection to the city of Bandung in Indonesia, and the drink actually cannot be found there.

Hence, you will only find "Blue Bandung" in Malaysia. This will be a hit for the coming Ramadan as it is usually served during Iftar in Ramadan month or wedding receptions with other foods such as nasi beriani or rendang. Hmmmm...maybe someone should try making "Blue Beriani"??



1 litre cold water Sugar syrup to taste 1/4 tsp Blue Butterfly Powder 100mls carnation milk.

** Use rose syrup if you would like the traditional bandung

Bandung in Blue

Blue Bandung

Method :

Boil sugar in 1/2 cup water until sugar dissolves. Let it cool.

When it has cool down, add Blue Butterfly Powder, stir until dissolved.

Add syrup and mixed evenly.

Pour the syrup into a jug, pour in the rest of water according to desired sweetness.

Add carnation milk, stir evenly.

Add ice cubes, garnish and serve.

You may contact Chef Sue for your next function on -

Chef Sue

Sage Catering

+6012-407 0191

Putra Heights, Selangor Malaysia

FB Page - Sage Catering, Putra Heights

Follow us and check our website for more and exciting recipes coming your way. Enjoy!

Next week we have something exciting that has not been featured before.

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