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3D-Jelly Cake - Natural Colouring

50 Shades of Blue - From Nothing to Something?

These 3D Jelly Cakes are an edible work of art, painstakingly created by very gifted artisans!

Who do you know that would turn down a piece of cake - not me thats for sure. Butter cake, chocolate cake, cheesecake, bring 'em on I say. But one thing that will make me pause for a moment is a truly beautiful cake that has been painstakingly hand crafted. The kind of cake that makes you wonder if it’s actually a cake or simply an art exhibit. We have seen in fact there are even shows on television about cake making so there are a never ending source of beautiful cakes, designs and new fads - we even have one of them in our Blue Butterfly Pea Flower, but more of that later.

The latest in a long line of innovation are the 3D jelly cakes and while they look sensational and you would be excused for thinking they are a painting there is no paint used in these cakes just natural food colouring like our Blue Butterfly Powder; more natural colours in the future to be added.

3D Jelly

50 Shades of Blue

Okay, so technically they’re not cake cake, but that doesn’t stop these gorgeous confections from being a delicious treat. The cake is originally made by mixing gelatin, sugar and water, which sets to form the clear cake. The remaining gelatin mixture is coloured with milk and food colouring. These coloured jellos are then injected into the cake using special tools to form the beautiful blooms. A final layer of jello is then added to the base of the cake to seal the patterns inside.

3D Jelly

Purple colour is also from Blue Butterfly Powder

Our Blue Butterfly Powder is very concentrated - dissolved in warm water let it rest for 20 minutes as the colour will still expand, depending of course how much you used. You may play with the Blue Butterfly Powder and have perhaps 50 different shades of Blue, who knows. You can play with the amounts of powder or add lemon juice (any citrus but lemon is ideal) for different shade or colour and taste. You may even increase or decrease the use of water or milk to alter the colour spectrum.

3D Jelly using our Rozelle red powder

Looks simple and easy, right? Well you will not be surprised to know that it can take years of practice in order to get it right. There are numerous schools that teach the art so do not despair. The placement of the petals and leaves is difficult in itself but you also have to make sure you inject just the right amount of coloured gelatine to make the shape you want. Because of the way it is constructed - bottom up, then you may have no idea how your cake will look until finished and turned right side up so a good imagination is an essential ingredient as is confidence in what you are doing.

Some of these cakes can use so many different shades of gelatine to create depth in the flower designs, it is almost like a colour chart from one of the paint manufacturers. Getting the colours just right takes hard work and some artists use all natural colourings like our rozelle to give it the red colouring, which also imparts a subtle flavour that was used in this cake above to add flavour as well as colour.

Yes, and while My Blue Tea will be introducing Rozelle Powder and a host of other natural and safe colours in the not too distant future for you to enjoy making 3D Jelly Cakes or simply to add colouring to your cooking and baking that you would like to try out at home, you should order now and try some Blue Butterfly Powder and start your creation's.

3D Jelly

The Creator for these pieces of art is Lynn - a very ambitious lady, graduated in Actuarial Science which was considered (at that time in the 80s) one of the most difficult field's. She went to the US and later Eire and came back and worked in corporate sector for over 20 years in the insurance industry.

She has always loved everything beautiful and wanted her children to use their god-given hands to do things that are beautiful. So she taught them to do things from scratch, producing something out of nothing and to be proud of their own effort. Despite being busy with her corporate work from Mondays to Fridays, she loved teaching and imparting her knowledge to her children, some of whom have married and have their own children now.

In 2014, Lynn decided to retire from the Corporate World and in 2016 started Lynn's 3D Jelly Cake's. She said both are similar but different in spirit as they both fulfilled her interest and desire for producing items from nothing to something. Part of the actuarial work that she was doing had her creating, prices and produce insurance products for the company to sell. The work she is doing today has her producing beautiful natural 3D Jelly Cakes that are strikingly beautiful and loved by customers.

Pro Tip

In future Blogs we will be featuring the 3D Jellycake Artists from Sydney and Melbourne and another 3D Jellycake Chef in Malaysia who use our natural colour in their 3D Jellycake. They are all great and very talented. Or get in touch with us via for the list of 3D Jelly Artist who use our natural colours in their creations.

3D Jellycake

From Nothing to Something! And we say "From an Actuarist to 3D Jelly Entrepreneur"

For your 3D Jelly Cake in Kuala Lumpur - please contact Lynn :

Lynn's 3D Jelly Cake

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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