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How to make Blue Soon Kueh or Steam Dumpling Teochew Style

A Blue Soon Kueh - "Blue Dumplings" Teochew Style by Jackie M

Look at these glistening beauties, beckoning you to love them. I don’t know about you but, we absolutely adore them. We used to have them as a mid-day snack and you could find them at almost every other market. These days, you’ll have to specially make a trip down to a bigger market In Malaysia or Singapore just to get some or get Jackie M to specially make you these very special "Blue Soon Kueh".

Kueh means - “cake” in Malaysia or Singapore. We guess – “Soon” means bamboo and its not easy finding these gems in Sydney so Jackie has improvised the recipe for all to enjoy. Soon Kueh, literally meaning bamboo cake is the pride of all Teochews, a very popular classic snack back in Malaysia and Singapore. Traditionally, these are made with bamboo shoots, bangkwang (also known as yam bean/jicama or Mexican turnip), shiitake mushroom and dried shrimps.

Also another possibility is due to localization and the availability of cooking ingredients or influenced by the Hakka’s Cai Kuih or vegetable rice cake, most stores that sell this are using jicama as the main ingredients. Some stores are selling Soon Kueh with fillings such as Chinese chives or even salted vegetables.

Soon Kueh or Chai Kueh or Blue Dumplings

Sorry, some of the ingredients or words here are a tongue-twister for us here in Australia but for my wife, oh well she’s truly a "Teochew girl" from Malaysia. And Jackie M - how good are you to have this specialty on live stream so we're thinking this “Blue Soon Kueh” will soon be a sought after entrée. It just stands out against the normal dumplings! Watch the live stream below and then turn your hand to making your own “Blue Soon Kueh” – “Glistening Beauties” – yum!

You can see how easy it is to use the Blue Butterfly Powder adding it into the flour mixture and control the colour that you want. You do not need to boil sundried flowers and the agony of not knowing the final colour is avoided. Saves you lots of time too - just open the packet and pour or sprinkle some powder into your mixture. Watch the livestream by Jackie M - so easy.

The last of the 3 live stream by Celebrity Chef, Jackie M - if you missed it you can watch the replays under Past Broadcasts below and follow the link to various recipes by Jackie M.

Blue Soon Kueh recipe below -


Pastry – 250g wheat starch 200g tapioca starch 150g glutinous rice flour 60ml cooking oil 500ml boiling water

Filling – 2 Tbsps cooking oil 2 Tbsps garlic, minced 2 Tbsps dried prawns, soaked and minced 500g yam bean (aka jicama/sarkot/sengkuang) – grated 50g carrot, grated 200ml water 1 Tbsp sugar 2 tsps chicken powder ½ tsp white pepper

Garlic oil –

150ml oil 4 Tbsps garlic, minced


(1) Make garlic oil by frying minced garlic until lightly browned and aromatic. Set aside.

(2) Heat 2 Tbsps oil, then add garlic and saute until lightly browned.

(3) Add all other ingredients and simmer until mixture is almost dry and yam bean reaches a translucent appearance. Allow to cool.

(4) Combine all the flours, then add oil. Gradually pour in boiling water and mix with chopsticks.

(5) Knead into a soft dough, then divide into 4 portions, and roll into a cylinder. Cut into equal portions and roll out to a thin pastry about 4 inches in diameter.

(6) Fill with one tablespoon of yam bean mixture, then pleat and/or pinch to seal.

(7) Steam on high heat for 7 minutes or until the pastry is translucent.

(8) Drizzle with garlic oil, and serve with chilli sauce.

Pro Tip :

Chilli sauce recipe can be found here >>


In this Blog, we would like to support Jackie M and Baby Noah in their efforts to get more signatures on the petition as we believe a child should be with their mother. I'm reaching out to you to ask if you would consider supporting Jackie M in her petition to be able to keep her Down Syndrome toddler, Noah, with her when she runs her business. For years now, malicious anonymous campaigners have tried to have him removed on the basis of his special needs. In this latest incident, someone called the police under the guise of child welfare concerns; the police came and investigated and found that Jackie did nothing wrong. Jackie believes, as we do, that children have every right to stay with their parents if they are not disruptive or in any danger. Noah loves being outdoors at the markets and the community loves having him there. To show your support, please sign your petition at >> (link) More about the story can be found at

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