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How to Make Colourful Onde-Onde

Onde-Onde or Ondeh-Ondeh sounds naughty!

When Chris had one last weekend he found it mesmerising and so delicious. He ate it the correct way - just put the whole Onde-Onde into your mouth and wait for the burst of palm sugar, filling your mouth along with that crunchy grated coconut. He went for 2nd and 3rd servings! And he "ta-pao" a couple back for his girls back home.

Short history and evolution of Onde-Onde - for more follow the link below..... Most of us have seen this traditional Malay and Peranakan Kueh called Ondeh-Ondeh at neigbourhood cake/kueh shops and hawker stalls in Malaysia and now available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. A boiled rice cake stuffed with gula melaka (brown sugar) and coated with grated coconut, the Ondeh-Ondeh is usually green since it is flavoured with a pandan paste. Other variants of this kueh include the brownish-oranges ones, which are usually made of sweet potato.

Here’s a trivia: Do you know that the Ondeh-Ondeh is also called the Klepon and originated from Java, Indonesia? And you can't find Onde-Onde on Wikipedia - its under "Klepon".

We've just launched our Red Roselle Powder and together with Blue Butterfly Pea Powder and Matcha Powder for green colour (enquire within) - Jackie made 3 coloured Onde-Onde - here you go - How to Make Colourful Onde-Onde by Jackie M, Sydney Celebrity Chef.

Which colour should I have first? Such a difficult decision!!

Colourful Onde-onde


Serve with warm Blue Herbal Teabags or a refreshing Ice Blue Butterfly Soda Water - yum!

Iced Blue Butterfly Soda Water

Blue Tea

Blue Herbal Teabags

For more recipes and live streaming go to - Jackie M on - Jackie M Feb 2, 2017 - Learn more about Asian and Southeast Asian Cooking, follow Jackie M LIVE on Live broadcasts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

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