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You'll love My Blue Tea


A beautiful beautiful and yummy bread recipe by Wei @bakingintheUK

湯種water roux:

  • 高筋麵粉bread flour 20g

  • 水 water 100ml

酵母液 yeast liquid:

  • 溫牛奶 warm milk 40ml

  • 糖 sugar 5g

  • 酵母 Yeast 4g

麵團 dough:

  • 高筋麵粉Bread flour 300g

  • 奶粉 milk powder 12g

  • 糖sugar 15g

  • 鹽salt 4g

  • 煉奶condensed milk 40g

  • 蛋 egg 1 (~55g)

  • 牛油butter 25g

  • 蝶豆花粉 butterfly pea flower powder 2g

煉乳餡 Condensed milk filling:

  • 軟化無鹽牛油 soften unsalted butter 30g

  • 煉乳 condensed milk 30g

  • 奶粉 milk powder 10g

  • 鹽salt 1/8tsp

1. 湯種:麵粉+水,一直攪拌細火煮到杰身,攤凍備用。To make the water roux, cook using low heat and keep stirring the flour and water while doing so.

2. 酵母液:溫牛奶+糖+酵母攪拌,放置10分鐘 yeast liquid: add yeast and sugar into the warm milk, stir and rest for 10 mins.

3. 撈勻所有麵團材料,加入湯種&酵母液,分次加入蛋液直到可以搓成少少沾手既麵團,加入牛油搓至光滑。Mix all the dough ingredients, add in the water roux and yeast liquid, slowly add the egg in until you can form a dough with a slightly sticky texture. Then mix in the butter and knead to get a smooth dough.

4.麵團分兩份。蝶豆粉加少少水開勻,加入其中一份麵團,搓成淺藍色麵團。發酵1小時。Split the dough into 2. Mix the butterfly pea flower powder with a small amount of water, mix it into one of the dough to make a blue dough. Let both dough rise for an hour.

5. 撈勻餡料材料,放雪櫃 mix all the filling ingredients in a bowl and refrigerate it

6.藍&白色麵團平均各分3份(因為要做三個卷)1卷:用rolling pin將麵團碌至長方形,先放白色,再放藍色,抹上煉乳餡,由上至下卷實。其餘2卷都一樣,重複步驟。To make 3 separate rolls, split both coloured dough equally into 3 (6 in total). For each roll, roll out the doughs to a rectangle shape, place the white one at the bottom, then the blue one on top, then spread some condensed milk filling. roll tightly from the top to bottom. Repeat the steps for the other 2 rolls.

7. 3卷打直並收口向下放入吐司模具,二次發酵至少1小時至吐司模具8成滿。Put the 3 rolls vertically into the loaf tin with the enclosed edge facing downwards. Let it rise for at least an hour till it reaches 80% in height of the loaf tin.

8. 掃蛋液 Brush with egg

9. 170°C 焗25分鐘。Bake at 170°C for 25mins.


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