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Celebrating under the Moonlight

Elegant gift ideas to celebrate a beautiful Moon Cake Festival!



Here's how you get them

We are giving away 14 Mooncake Moulds with every Australia and International purchase over A$89.00 as a way to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Cake Festival. Purchases must include two packs of Pandan Powder 50 grams OR one Blue Butterfly Pea Powder 50 grams.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, or Mid-autumn Day, is the second most important festival in China after the Chinese New Year. It is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, which is always in the middle of the autumn season in China, hence its name Mid-Autumn. This year the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 10th September 2022.

Lanterns are symbolic beacons that light people's path to prosperity and good fortune.
Lanterns are symbolic beacons that light people's path to prosperity and good fortune.

Time for Family Reunion

In Chinese culture, the full moon symbolises reunion. It is a reminder from Nature when we look up and see the moon getting fuller each day that we need to start our journey and head off home soon. This is a time to reunite with families. People worship the moon together, and appreciate the beauty of the moon. A delicious and sumptuous reunion dinner is prepared and families end the meal sharing mooncakes and tea to celebrate the reunion.

During the Mid-Autumn festival, people also give gifts. It is a way to share what is good and bountiful with the people we care about. Here are four of the most popular Mid-Autumn Festival gifts.

The 4 Most Popular Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts

1. Mooncake — The Classic Must-Have Gift

A mooncake is a must-have food during the Mid-Autumn Festival. If you have ever seen one of these you'd fall in love with them. They do make very pretty gifts and whether it is the traditional mooncake with the golden brown pastry or more modern ones with the pretty pastel snowskins, they are often too pretty to eat!

It is common to give mooncakes as presents and you can find many shops offering sets of mooncakes in beautiful gift boxes. Good quality mooncakes can be pricey, so a box is often highly appreciated. If you find yourself spoilt for choice with so many new flavours out in the market nowadays, you can always rely on the classic flavours e.g. five kernels and roast pork, lotus seed paste, and red bean paste.

2. Fresh Hairy Crab — A Gift to Whet the Appetite

Autumn in China is the best season to eat hairy crabs. They are readily available during this season so it makes sense to have them on the list of must-have gifts. So for those of you who do have access to these delicious critters, it´s the perfect timing because our Chilli Crab recipe has just been published!

Unfortunately, Autumn is not the season for crabs in Australia. What we learnt from local fishermen in Port Macquarie is that the months without an "r" in them i.e. May, June, July and August are low crab season. Perhaps they are hibernating and taking a rest from surviving in the deep blue sea. Or perhaps they are just smart enough to hide from humans knowing we find them really delicious!

During the reunion dinner, it is popular to have a hairy crab dish. Hairy crab is regarded as a delicacy with its sweet, tender, juicy meat, nutritious value and yummy taste. Some people order it online and have it delivered to friends as a gift.

3. Tea — Calming Drink with Mooncakes

The Chinese are really good at blending the types of food they eat, and there´s always a sort of yin-yang balance among the different types of food.

That´s why it is typical to have a cup of tea when eating mooncakes. The mooncake can be very sweet and despite its small size, it is actually quite a 'heavy' sort of food to consume. That is why a typical-sized mooncake is shared, and not consumed by just one person. Tea is regarded as a healthy drink in China, so it is the perfect drink to complement mooncakes. Tea is light and helps to balance out the full-bodied mooncake. The Chinese drink tea as a part of their daily ritual, and they enjoy serving guests good quality tea.

It is a good gift for the Mid-Autumn Festival and you can hardly go wrong with choosing a nice blend. We recommend Blue Goddess with Tie Guan Yin. OR discover our new tea called "Purple Rain Tea" infused with pineapple, sour apple and lemons and of course, our signature Butterfly Pea Tea.

4. Fruit Basket — Good Health is the Best Gift

Fruit baskets bring with it a whole host of positive symbolism, of good health, freshness, bountiful harvests. The most popular fruits for the Mid-Autumn Festival are pears, grapes, grapefruits, and pomegranates. Depending on where you are, they are ripe in autumn and have positive symbolism. For example, eating a pear during the Mid-Autumn Festival symbolises a family always staying together and never being apart.

Consumers are more health conscious nowadays and more aware of being responsible consumers and taking care of the planet, the economy and the people involved. Many are choosing to eat only seasonal fruit or what they have in their local areas. It´s a good idea to give the fruits listed above as a gift, but also don't rule out other fruits that are perhaps more readily available. You may want to check out what the symbolism of each fruit is first.

Beautiful yummy Dragon Fruit, Blue Oreo Mooncake & Purple Sweet Potato mooncakes are available at Hills Bakery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia made by Lillian. We asked Lillian to create some of her delicately beautiful "Snow Skin Pandan Palm Sugar mooncake" (maybe even a Buko Pandan Mooncake) for our friends in Malaysia. She is tempted, so stay tuned! You can contact Lillian via her Instagram - or email / Whatsapp: +60 139193246 to order her delicious array of mooncakes in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia only.

Scroll through for ideas for various mooncakes baked by our very talented Brand Ambassadors and friends. From left Lotus Flower, Pandan and various Snow Skin mooncake and Teochew Mooncake all using our Superfood Powders ie Butterfly Pea, Dragonfruit, Pandan and Purple Sweet Potato latte powders.

Our Mooncake Moulds come with 4 design plates as per photo on the left.

This Dragonfruit Snowskin Mooncake was made by a friend in Melbourne as she was excited to try Dragonfruit Powder on her mooncakes.

So pretty.


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