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You'll love My Blue Tea

Christmas Drinks! Jingle Juice all the Way!

Get ready for Christmas with your Blue Butterfly Pea, Pandan & Torch Ginger Cocktails -

These Christmas Cocktails will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit. ... no holiday celebration is complete without a signature drink using our signature Butterfly Pea flower Blue Ocean or our Butterfly Pea liquid extract and a small addition of some acidic such as citrus and/or alcohol and such things as icing sugar.

Toast the festive season with these refreshing collection of summer Christmas drink recipes - from fruity mocktails to classic cocktails and gin and tonic, there’s a fizz and a punch that will tickle anyone’s fancy.

Get your guests warmed up and let the good times flow with these Christmas drinks, from traditional mulled wine to some very cheeky cocktails and something for the kids and health friends.


A drink that’s as vibrant as it is refreshing features gin, butterfly pea flower, lemon, pineapple and aloe all topped with a flower, dehydrated lemon and pineapple frond.

For Christmas & Holiday gift ideas we have rolled out several ideas for your

Christmas & Holidays packs, check below for details;

Butterfly Pea | Lemon | Pineapple | Blue Tea

Little Violeta by Geist, Nashville

Christmas Gin - features gin, butterfly pea flower, lemon, pineapple and aloe all topped with a flower, dehydrated lemon and pineapple frond.


This standout created by mixologist Matthew Dress is the "Field Of Flowers" made with vodka, lavender syrup, Amaro, lemon juice, mint leaves, butterfly pea flower extract and prosecco. Naturally, it is topped with fresh edible flowers. Truly a taste sensation

Vodka | Butterfly Pea | Gin | Blue Tea

Field of Flowers at Florie's, Palm Beach

Note :

You may either use Blue Ocean, Butterfly Pea Liquid Extract or Butterfly Pea Powder to make the above cocktails.

(1) For Blue Ocean, Butterfly Pea Liquid Extract - just add a few drops into the cocktails to your desired colour.

(2) For Butterfly Pea Powder - dilute 1/2 teaspoon into some warm water and let the colour expand. Sieve if you must and/or just add the Blue Liquid Gold into your cocktails or cooking & baking.

(3) Or make a small cup of Blue Tea with our Butterfly Pea Flower Tea using a special Christmas Pack offer of 100 grams of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea which is now available for you to celebrate Christmas and the holidays with your love ones.

Margarita | Butterfly Pea | Lemon | Blue Tea

Magic Margariata at Yard House

Definitely the most eye-catching drink is the Magic Margarita made with Don Julio Silver, bitters, butterfly pea flowers and filtered water, with a little glass of citrus agave. When you pour in the sidecar, the drink goes from a deep purple to a fuchsia pink color. It’s fun to watch…and even more fun to drink.

And for the kids and those not looking to booze or simply want a healthy drink - you can have these options for them - all healthy.

Torch Ginger Magic Potion

Torch Ginger | Blue Tea | Bunga Kantan

Torch Ginger - A Magic Potion! Featuring Torch Ginger

(photo courtesy of Blanco Parmandif)

Ingredients :

* 300 ml ginger ale

* 30 ml white rum (optional)

* 45 ml beet juice

* 30 ml lemon juice

* Ice to serve

* Sweetness of your choice

Method :

* Give the Torch Ginger a soak in hot water of 100 ml

* Remove the slices

* Add the above all with the Torch Ginger juice and mix well

* Add sweetness of your choice

* Refrigerate

* Serve chilled

Pandan | Blue Tea | Soda

Pandan Lime Soda (with Pandan Liquid Extract, Soda water and Lime juice)


Purple Rain | Blue Tea | Butterfly Pea

Purple Rain with pineapple, sage, mint and butterfly Pea for the colour changing effect. Recipe attached.


Sangria |  Butterfly Pea | Blue Tea

Note :

The recipes and photos are courtesy of Thirsty Magazine.


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