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Cold Comfort Tea

What is everyone drinking this Hot Summer?

Drinking hot tea when it’s blazing outside is a hard sell, so what are the cooler alternatives? Hydration is important when it’s hot but if you’re after something more fun than water, tea is the answer. And we have some of the best ideas below!


Cold Comfort Tea - DIY Iced Tea

You can also make your own iced tea. Two popular methods are hot brew, where you steep the tea as usual and then cool it either in the fridge or by diluting it with ice, and cold brew, where you add leaves to cold water and let it steep in the fridge. Flavour changes with temperature so most iced tea is made with a higher tea to water ratio for more oomph (try 2g per 100ml); cold brew tea is best steeped for at least two hours – usually overnight – to maximise flavour.


Forget bubbly, go bubble tea

Invented in Taiwan in the 1980s, bubble tea has shaken up (‘scuse the pun) the high streets of metropolitan Australia over the past decade. Walk down any suburban shopping strip and you’ll likely encounter a handful of different brands. 

For those uninitiated, classic bubble tea is a cold comfort tea, with or without milk, with flavouring, ice and topping. The ‘bubble’ in ‘bubble tea’ comes from the mixing of these elements – the server will usually shake it for you before handing it over, forming bubbles. 

Toppings are optional and include tapioca pearls, different sorts of jelly, custard, sago or aloe pieces. You can generally choose your sugar and ice level. A lot of places use syrups or powders for the ‘tea’ component, so if you want more tea for your buck, it’s worth looking for freshly cold brewed options. You can also explore alternative milk tea creations from our latte powders range.

Butterfly Pea Bubble Tea | My Blue Tea
Butterfly Pea + Jurassic Boba Milk tea

Or you can try Butterfly Pea Bubble Tea or Jurassic Boba Milk tea with Butterfly Pea flowers. Get this awesome Jurassic boba recipe on our YouTube or Instagram.

Cold Comfort with PANDAN TEA

Or for those new to PANDAN and would love to try it as a "tea" instead of desserts here are the Top 10 Benefits of PANDAN Leaf tea as your cold comfort tea or some may like it hot - new fragrant Pandan leaf tea is now available so SHOP here @

(1) Lowering high blood pressure;

(2) Help with rheumatism;

(3) Overcoming the sore & body aches;

(4) Assists in restoring weak nerve;

(5) Increase your appetite so that your body is not lack of energy;

(6) Stress reliever and anti depression;

(7) Assist in overcoming impotence;

(8) Has anti-bacterial properties and also anti-fungal for the skin;

(9) Overcoming constipation;

(10) Helps with Stomach cramps


Here are 3 easy & healthy Pandan tea combos to help quench your thirst and to stay hydrated. From left :-

(1) Pandan Orange Mojito

(2) Pandan Tea with lemongrass and ginger + sweetener of your choice (optional)

(3) Pandan + Lemon + Soda water + a pinch of salt

NEW & Trending in Taiwan & China

Or marry Bubble Tea with Pudding Eaze -

Toppings include “pudding” with our instant Pudding Eaze, a coconut inspired dessert base. 2 Pudding Eaze + Bubble Tea recipes coming up so stay tuned.


(1) Blue Butterfly Pudding with blueberries + rambutans in Butterfly Pea milk tea and

(2) Milo Pudding + Black Boba with Cocoa powder Bubble tea or on top of Coconut Pudding

Cold Comfort with Coconut Shake

Or take a step further with an "Ice blended Coconut Shake with or without toppings" and there are a few recipes on our various social media handles below which can help you to start practicing and enjoy in the comfort of your own home using our DIY Coconut Shake Homekit.


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What’s your favourite tea to drink in summer? 

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