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Just Three Ingredients for this Durian Ice Cream Recipe

Imagine a creamy-licious Durian Ice Cream with just three simple ingredients!

Yes, DURIAN! The King of Fruits! Or at least, that's what many Southeast Asians swear by. Believed to have originated from Borneo, Malaysia, the durian is one fruit that you either love with a fervour, or you are so repulsed you'd flatly refuse to go near it.

It belongs to the genus Durio tree species and there are about 30 recognised Durio species. At least nine of these produce edible fruit. Durio zibethinus, native to Borneo and Sumatra, is the only species available in the international market.

Recipe for Durian Ice Cream

Ingredients: This homemade ice cream has only 3 ingredients.

*600ml thickened cream *1 can 395g condensed milk (use less if you prefer it not too sweet) *1tbsp Durian powder Method:

(1) Whip all ingredients till soft peaks.

(2) Store in plastic container with cling wrap over the top before putting the lid on.

(3) Ready to enjoy after 24 hours.

The weather right now may not be deliciously hot enough to enjoy ice cream, but durian lovers will tell you they can have this ice cream every day, any season.

And because we know so many of you out there are true blue durian fans, we thought, why not squeeze in another durian recipe! So here's one for a Durian Coconut Shake!

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Recipe for Durian Coconut Shake Ice Blended Smoothie

Ingredients: *60 g Luv Eat Coconut Shake powder *60 ml water *200g ice cubes *3 tspn Durian Powder *1 tspn Coconut Water Powder (Optional)

Method: 1. Blend to oblivion till smooth and creamy (almost similar to "ice cream" smooth). 2. Garnish with mint leaves and lemon or as desired.

3. Enjoy and get your DIY Coconut Shake Homekit so you can blend it anywhere, anytime! .

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Belinda started cooking when she was about 9! Talk about starting young! And her creativity was already raring to go from the very start. Her very first dish, 'Hairy Melon' was incredibly salty. She added everything she could find in the kitchen! Fortunately, her older siblings “enjoyed” the dish which encouraged Belinda to continue cooking. As they say, a little appreciation goes a long way, and it was thanks to the motivation and support she got from her siblings that got her to try out another dish and another! Belinda's style of cooking is intuitive or what some would call freestyling. This means she can and loves recreating her favourite restaurant dishes at home. The real treat and kick here is she not only makes the dishes taste similar or really close to what she had, but sometimes her version tastes even better!

She does a little dance when her husband loves it and gives it a thumbs up! Chefs love sharing the joy of their cooking with the people they love, and it's this two-way connection that gives her the spark to love what she does. When you create and serve a dish with love, whoever is lucky to be on the receiving end returns the appreciation two-fold! Belinda's love for cooking goes beyond just creating the dishes themselves. She's also really into the photography and styling aspects of cooking and presenting dishes. It's one thing to make dishes taste good, and quite another skill to make them look good. Belinda has dedicated a lot of time to really get to know her food and learn about the aesthetic techniques of presenting them. When she sees what she has created come to a lovely fruition, she feels very thankful for divine creativity. It's a blessing for her, and that blessing ultimately gets shared and passed on to the people around her. Sharing her creations, her knowledge and experience on her social media brings joy to her and her followers. If you haven't seen Belinda's beautiful creations, get on to her Instagram now, and partake in a piece of the joy....and it may well inspire you to don that apron and whip up some creativity of your own! Follow Chef.Popo here: and her FB Page - Chef.Popo




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