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Pandan Custard Cake by the Pandan People

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

YES!! Here's a Pandan Custard Cake recipe to share!

We fell in love with this photo when Sally Choo, our brand ambassador in Adelaide posted this beautiful, yummy "out of this world" Pandan Custard Cake. We wanted a slice of it immediately! It looks like it has been coated with a layer of Gula Melak (palm sugar)...which means the crust is going to be extra yummy!

Pandan Custard Cake Recipe

Ingredients :

Method :

(1) Preheat a Bundt pan in the oven.

(2) In a saucepan, pour in the coconut milk. Add the sugar and heat on low to dissolve the sugar. Do not boil the mixture.

(3) Switch off the heat when the sugar has dissolved. Leave aside to cool down.

(4) Lightly beat the eggs, and don’t over-whisk the eggs.

(5) Add eggs to the flour mixture. Pour in the cooled coconut milk.

(6) Gently mix well and strain the mixture before pouring it into a Bundt pan.

(7) Spray the heated Bundt pan with some oil to prevent the cake from sticking.

(8) Bake at 180C for 40-45 mins. Ready......... Serve.......... Enjoy!!

About our gorgeous Sally Choo

My Blue Tea is so fortunate to have been introduced to Sally.

"My hometown is in Ipoh, Malaysia and I studied at the Main Convent. During my younger days, I did not do much cooking as we had a maid. I migrated to Australia in 1983. My husband is a Malaysian, from Ipoh too. We have 2 lovely daughters in their early 30s. My hobbies are arts and crafts and I have got more interested in cooking during the later years of my life. I am now in my 60s. I do enjoy the learning process in my cooking experiences and journey.

I appreciate the encouraging comments on my posts, especially from members of the food groups which I have joined. The administrator of a group introduced me to My Blue Tea products. I have tried the Pandan Powder which is fragrant. The aroma of the cakes which I have baked is divine."

Sally Choo has been busy in her kitchen and has created a lot of recipes to be shared with us! Sally loves our natural colours and flavours. Besides sweets, Sally also made amazing curries, Sambal Tuna cookies and Ayam Goreng Burger! She's ready to try anything! Follow Sally Choo on her cooking and baking journey on her Facebook Page. Enjoy and happy baking with Sally!


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