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Where to eat Nasi Kerabu in Australia?

Here's a list of restaurants and private caterers in Australia where you can find Bunga Telang Nasi Kerabu made with all natural Butterfly Pea!

Nasi Kerabu is one of the traditional foods of the Kelantanese Peranakans. These are Chinese immigrants who arrived in the 15th century and married local women, spawning a unique, localised way of life and cuisine. An interesting point to note is that the ethnic Hokkien men married women of Thai origin living in Kelantan at the time – which explains why Kelantanese Peranakan food has a strong Thai influence.

With its captivating colours and beautiful mix of aromatic herbs, Nasi Kerabu is Kelantan’s most visually exciting dish. It used to be known as just a humble, simple kampung fare for folk along the east coast and northern states. In recent decades, it has become highly popular and much sought after in cities in Malaysia and now, in Australia as well!

The word “kerabu” is a common Malay term for Thai-style salads, usually eaten raw. This dish is simply bursting with flavours because it combines the tastes from both the land and the sea. You can taste and feel the freshness of the waters and the warmth of the land in every bite.

Nanyang Malaya Restaurant

Nasi Kerabu with butterfly pea rice  | Blue Tea | Rice | Blue Rice

Nanyang Tea Club burst into the scene in 2018 with their signature bright blue all natural Butterfly Pea rice called Nasi Kerabu at Dining 3rd Floor, Haymarket Sydney.

It now has 2 other new restaurants called Nanyang Malaya Cafe (photo courtesy of Nan Yang) and Nanyang Malaya Restaurant which serves authentic Malaysian Singaporean cuisine for lunch & dinner) in Marrickville and newly opened in July this year at Macquarie Park, 297 Lane Cove Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113.

Nanyang's Nasi Kerabu menu has expanded to include prawns, beef rendang etc and they're all so so yummy! And last week, Nanyang added Nasi Kerabu Satay! It's so so good........Oooooh la la!

Places to find Nasi Kerabu

Nasi Kerabu is making waves in Australia and it can be found at the following cafes/restaurants/private caterers:

* Azzure Kitchen Canberra (private caterer Canberra)

*Terry's Kitchen Melbourne

*Dapur Ibu Sydney (private caterer in Sydney)

*Selara Brisbane by Farah (private caterer)

*Nan Yang Tea Club Haymarket Sydney

*Nanyang Malaya Cafe Marrickville and Macquarie Park Sydney

Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers (Scientific name: Clitoria Ternatea)

Where does the Bluuuuuuue comes from for the Nasi Kerabu rice?

It comes straight from our farm to My Blue Tea and we simply love our natural Butterfly Pea Powder for cooking!

Or you can make your own Nasi Kerabu at home if these restaurants and caterers are not within reach. Here's our take on Nasi Kerabu recipe with our spice blends!

Malaysian Food Bazaar

Don't say we didn't share the good news when it comes to food! There's a Malaysian Food Bazaar on the 1st Saturday of the month in Canberra at the Malaysian High Commission.

The next bazaar is on Saturday Oct 1, 2022. Location: 7 Perth Avenue, Yarralumla Time: 11 am to 2 pm Pre-booking advised contact - email:

Authentic Malay food cooked by a native Malay Chef in Canberra, Chef Azura:

*Nasi Kerabu (with all natural Butterfly Pea)

*Pandan Nasi Lemak

*Nasi Dagang (Trader's Rice cooked with 3 types of rice i.e. red, jasmine and glutinous)

*Nasi Kerabu (with Torch Ginger flower)

*Pandan & Orange Chiffon Cake

*Kueh-Mueh galore i.e. Pandan Serimuka, Pulut Inti, Kueh Bingka, Pandan Talam, Yam Cake, *Jackfruit Talam, Pulut Init and so much more! You must check it out for yourselves in Canberra!

While you are there at Auzure Kitchen Canberra, you can also grab some Butterfly Pea flower tea, Butterfly Pea powder, Pandan Powder, Torch Ginger flowers and our Super Spice at Auzure Kitchen at the Malaysian Bazaar. Please look for June or Chloe.


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