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You'll love My Blue Tea

Many talented Cake Bakers will be "Pandan'd"

Woohoo! Pandan Powder will be in your Christmas box

And how?

We are the newest Preferred Supplier for ACDN, the Australian Cake Decorating Network.

We have joined ACDN and have sponsored all natural 100% Pandan Powder to the monthly cake box subscribers in time for you to have a very “Pandanlicious Christmas" going out this week.

For those friends and beautiful bakers from ACDN - "WELCOME to My Blue Tea" and the wonderful flavours from South East Asia and Asia. And if you are new to Pandan, a little snippet below and you can read all about Pandan health benefits online.

Join us at the Australian Cake Decorating Network
Australian Cake Decorating Network

The Australian Cake Decorating Network is a place for professional, semi-professional and hobbyist cake decorators, cookie decorators, cupcakes decorators and baking enthusiasts to come together and share their love of cake, cookies, cupcakes, macarons, chocolates and all things sweet! You too get a chance to subscribe to the Baking Box Subscription.

"Pandanus Amaryllifolius" is a tropical plant in the Pandanus (screwpine) genus that we grow in Borneo ourselves. Leave us to take care of your PANDANUS needs and you only need to take care of growing your imagination in its use. No blending, time savings, convenience and super hygienic, oh not to forget naturally flavoursome. We have the following pure Pandan Powder, pure Pandan Liquid Extract and Pandan Latte blend in our online store and across selected retailers in all the capital cities.

Top left - Roselle, Butterfly Pea, Pandan and Kasturi limes ie Calamansi farms.

Some photos from our farms and partner farms in Sarawak, Borneo on Roselle, Pandanus, Butterfly Pea and Calamansi in the pristine tropical rainforest in Sarawak, Borneo. Roselle Hibiscus is packed with Vitamin C. Our factory and sister company, Doku Bio-technology has been busy harvesting these all pure naturally farmed roselle to turn into products just for you. We also have Pandan, Bamboo, Kasturi (Calamansi limes), Torch ginger, Butterfly Pea flowers that we grow without using pesticides and synthetic fertiliser but rather using biochar, vermicompost. Stay tuned for new recipes and products will be shared with you.

Christmas cheers and Christmas drinks
Chrismast Drinks - Roselle Gin Fizz

Roselle Gin Fizz

What you need :-

*1 x tbsp caster sugar (use Nutri Bullet or blender to blend the powder and sugar so it’s finer)

*45 ml of gin I’m using @fourpillarsgin

*2 x sprigs of thyme

*3 x blueberries X2 raspberries for threading

*1 cup of soda water

*1/2 lime

*1 cup of frozen raspberries simmered down with 2 tbsp of caster sugar, strained and set aside


Ice (at your discretion)

Nasi Kerabu comes from Kelantan Malaysia and now available in Australia
Nasi Kerabu with a tinge of Butterfly Pea

Butterfly Pea or scientifically known as Clitoria Ternatea -

Butterfly Pea has been a natural food colouring since the 15th century by the Peranakans – you may read here The Little Nyonya . The Butterfly Pea flowers are used in an aged-old and Ayurvedic way & TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to maintain health and overall wellness.

For our friends in ACDN, don't be alarmed if you are served with "Blue Rice" - if you are in one of these restaurants/ cafes they serve natural Butterfly Pea rice in dishes such as Nasi Kerabu, another heritage food from Malaysia. There may be others who serve artificially coloured blue rice which we do not encourage.

Cupcakes are the cute and yummy by My Blue Tea
Blue Velvet Cupcakes by Pastry Chef Catherine Teo

Cake Bake & Sweets Show - Sydney

During one of the Cake Bake & Sweets Show in Sydney, a mother insisted on purchasing our natural Blue Butterfly Cupcakes for her son as he has allergies, so we took pity on him and gave him 2 cupcakes, at no charge. Happy boy! Happy us!

Butterfly Pea flower – Christmas drink, why? coz it's magical with lemons or Gin and tonic-

When you mix the butterfly pea flower tea in hot water, you get a deep blue colour, but when you add different ingredients like lemon or hibiscus, it can change the presentation to other bright colours like fuchsia or a bright red. The change occurs because of the change in PH levels.

From left: Jurassic Blue Boba, Cloud Rollcake by Elizabeth Tang and Purple Rain, a cocktail for Christmas or get a ready Purple Rain Tea pack, similar but different and a Blue Yule log Christmas cake - something for a change. Scroll through and you will find a Butterfly Pea Gin Bramble plus another Asian Kueh (steamed cake) Kueh Lapis - 9 layers of beautiful Blue and White individually steamed each layer.

Although we have shared with ACDN, 3 beautiful Pandan recipes we look forward to hearing, and seeing from the "ACDN Pandan'd members" to share their Pandan experiences. Below we have some information on how to use Pandan best but in the meantime, some ideas for you to try out are:-

(1) Pandan Cheesecake – to introduce Pandan flavour in cheese

(2) Japanese Pandan Loaf with Pandan since bread is a staple food in Aussie homes.

(3) Pandan Serimuka – Pretty Face – to introduce to our members of ACDN what an Asian steam kueh or cake is all about.

How to use Pandan Powder ?

(1) You can add our Pandan Powder straight into any liquid you are using in your bakes.

(2) You can dilute the Pandan Powder in hot water and let it steep or keep it overnight in the fridge. Sieve if you must as there will be "speckles" on the cake which is fine - extra fibres

(3) All natural colours will be a little "pale" after baking VS artificial colour hence you may like to add spinach juice to keep it 100% natural or

(4) Add a tinge or 2 of artificial green, if required.

(5) Tips - Adding a lot of Pandan Powder to your cake mix may lead it to taste a bit more "matcha" or bitter. A normal Chiffon cake will need 1 tbsp Pandan Powder. Always start small ie 1-2 tspn.

Most importantly, play with it, create and have fun with Pandanus, the New Black as forecasted by Nigella Lawson.

There are many more recipes, products and ideas, or if you would like to work with us or contribute to our blog, kindly email us at -



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