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Rendang Lavosh Crackers Recipe

Unheard off!! Now you can Rendang anything with Rendang Powder

We love quirky stuffs hence we love working with Lyn of Kia Ora land but originally from Land below the Wind, Sabah, Borneo (not too far from our factory in Kuching, Sarawak). It is nicknamed "Land Below the Wind" (Negeri Di Bawah Bayu) as the state lies below the typhoon belt of East Asia and never battered by any typhoons, except for several tropical storms.

Christmas was where I first had Lavosh many, many years ago when Angela brought it out as nibbles with Christmas drinks and fell in love with it. This Christmas we're gonna make "Rendang Lavosh" and treat her and "trick" her as she is not a spicy girl!

Here's the recipe


*1 C wholemeal flour

*1 T Rendang Base Powder by @mybluetea

*1/2 t salt

*2 t sesame seeds

*2 t black chia seeds

*1/4 C water

*3 T Rendang infused oil


(1) Preheat oven to 190°C on fan bake.

(2) Mix all the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl then make a well in the centre and add in all the wet ingredients then combine using a bread and butter knife until a dough is form. (3) Knead the dough for about 2 to 3 minutes then roll out as thin as possible and cut into whatever shapes you desired using a pizza cutter if handy.

(4) Then lay them onto the prepared baking trays without overlaying them but with small gaps in between each cracker, lightly brush oil on the surface of crackers before baking (optional).

(5) Bake for 8 to 10 minutes or until golden.

(6) Remove to cool completely on a cooler rack.

(7) Enjoy with cream cheese + harissa or with whipped feta - YUM!!

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Rendang the traditional either with Beef or Kangaroo using Rendang Powder


About Lynn - Me Myself and Lynn :

"Apa khabar tuan tuan dan puan puan 👐, I'm the Durian that met the Kiwi then married a half Yorkshire Pudding and half Tiramisu 🥰. My passion or perhaps these days more like obsession for cooking and baking started when I was barely tall enough to stand in front of the sink to do dishes 😂 but that didn't stop me from a thing called 'stool' to add those extra inches needed to give me the height to make the cut 😜.

My passion became therapy and intensify during my Uni years as a form of de - stress and pain management to regulate my breathing then from there it became an opportunity for a little pocket money making as a dirt poor Uni student especially with my baking which proves popular amongst friends of different ages and background.......then work life happens after graduating that occupied almost all of my time but I learnt to steal time here and there to continue with my passion which gradually in the last 3 or 4 years is and has turned into Food Art Projects with my Yorkshire Pudding/Tiramisu being my Guinea Pig or should I say Lab Mouse with all my creations straight out of my head which really rings my bell and tick all the boxes ❤ and my Yorkshire Pudding/Tiramisu is ever so supportive of my creations and passion. I'm the kinda self taught/amateur Baker that bakes by feel and can never quite conform to me I've tried, I really have but just keep finding myself completely dissected the recipe then abandoning it altogether 😂. Needless to and I can and will never be BFF ever! All my creations are through trials and with that; long story short, I would love to be able to collaborate with others and turn my cooking and baking passion/obsession into something tangible 🙌."

by: Lynn Sebastian


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