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Pandan and Christmas = Pandanamas

Have a Pandanamas Christmas. Here's a Versatile Pandan Christmas Cake and Pandan Gin Recipe.

Learn this trick, replace your Vanilla with Pandan - a better healthy fragrance tending everywhere!

Wherever you find Vanilla being used, guess what? You can replace that with PANDAN. Pandan is so flexible. You can use it in your baking, cooking savoury food and in cocktails!

More and more cooks are now adding Pandan to savoury food, such as Pandan Chicken curry or Braised Pandan drumsticks. Our friends have tried Pandan in cocktails such as Pandan Gin and Pandan Beer and as shared previously on our social channels, they turn out brilliant!

Now for the Pandan Christmas Cake - Pandanamas

This recipe is from our Kiwi brand ambassador, Lynn. Pandanamas has all the ingredients like nuts and fruits which are perfect for Christmas.


Serves 6-8 persons

Ingredients :-

*250g Butter

*2             Eggs

*3/4 cup  Almond milk

*1 tspn     Ground cinnamon

*1 tspn    Ground nutmeg

*1 tspn      Vanilla essence

*3/4 C Toasted Coconut Chips (optiona Toasted desiccated coconut)

*3/4 C      Sultanas

*2 C          Candied citrus peels (shop bought or homemade)

*3/4 C      Dried cranberries

*3/4 C      Glazed cherries

*1/2 C      Slivered almonds

*1/3 C      Honey

*1 C          Castor sugar

*2 1/2 cup Self raising flour

*handful Mint leaves

You have a choice to enjoy Pandanamas cake with our new Pandan Tea or with our Pandan Gin recipe below.

Method :-

1. Pre - heat oven to 170°C fan bake.

2. Melt butter in a large mixing bowl either on the stove on low heat or simply place inside the preheating oven (which ever way suits best).

3. Toast dessicated coconut and sift flour whilst butter is melting.

4. Once butter melted, stir in the castor sugar and the honey to dissolve then add in the vanilla essence, sultanas, candied fruit peels, dried cranberries, glazed cherries, toasted coconut, slivered almonds, pandan powder, ground nutmeg and cinnamon then let the mixture sit and soaked up some flavour and moisture for about 30 minutes.

5. You can prepare your 26cm spring form cake tin in 2 different ways: 1) simply cut baking paper/parchment paper to fit the shape and size of your cake tin or 2) grease base and sides with margarine then coat with a thin layer of flour base and sides also - remove all excess flour.

6. Now add almond milk onto the mixture and mix well then beat eggs in one at a time and lastly mix the flour in - half first until mix through then the other half and mix thoroughly.

7. Then turn cake batter into cake tin prepared earlier, don't bang filled cake tin on bench or sides to even out batter in the tin but instead use a spatula to spread (banging filled cake tin on bench or sides will remove the aeration necessary for the cake to raise in the oven).

8. Bake for approx. 45 minutes to an hour then reduced heat to 150°C for another 15 to 20 minutes depending on your oven. Use a skewer to check if need be for readiness.

9. Don't release the catch on your cake tin until cake has cooled and will hold its shape.


For this festive season you might like to try this new recipe PANDAN GIN cocktail. Watch video for the full recipe. We recommend to use Pandan Liquid extract for a quick cocktail or you will need to make simple syrup using Pandan Powder + sugar + water.

And if you know of any Distillery or Brewery who would like to add a new flavour to their GIN range Or Pandan Beer - please help fill up this Trade Enquiry form.

Or if your are a private home brewer talk to us -->

Pandan Nian Gao or Pandan Sticky rice | My Blue Tea
Pandan Nian Gao | Pandan Sticky rice in preparation for Lunar New Year 2024

About Lynn - Me Myself and Lynn :

"Apa khabar tuan tuan dan puan puan 👐, I'm the Durian that met the Kiwi then married a half Yorkshire Pudding and half Tiramisu 🥰. My passion or perhaps these days more like obsession for cooking and baking started when I was barely tall enough to stand in front of the sink to do dishes 😂 but that didn't stop me from a thing called 'stool' to add those extra inches needed to give me the height to make the cut 😜.

My passion became therapy and intensify during my Uni years as a form of de - stress and pain management to regulate my breathing then from there it became an opportunity for a little pocket money making as a dirt poor Uni student especially with my baking which proves popular amongst friends of different ages and background.......then work life happens after graduating that occupied almost all of my time but I learnt to steal time here and there to continue with my passion which gradually in the last 3 or 4 years is and has turned into Food Art Projects with my Yorkshire Pudding/Tiramisu being my Guinea Pig or should I say Lab Mouse with all my creations straight out of my head which really rings my bell and tick all the boxes ❤ and my Yorkshire Pudding/Tiramisu is ever so supportive of my creations and passion. I'm the kinda self taught/amateur Baker that bakes by feel and can never quite conform to me I've tried, I really have but just keep finding myself completely dissected the recipe then abandoning it altogether 😂. Needless to and I can and will never be BFF ever! All my creations are through trials and with that; long story short, I would love to be able to collaborate with others and turn my cooking and baking passion/obsession into something tangible 🙌." by: Lynn Sebastian

You might like to follow Lynn via her Instagram ie the nutty food chemist below are some nutty creations by Lynn.

From left you will find and so many more recipes to be published over time.


Roll over Shrek Cinnamon rolls using Dragonfruit Powder

Rendang Lavosh Crackers which is really yummy with dipping sauce or as is.


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